Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Congressman Ted Poe

Former Judge and Active Congressman Ted Poe had a scare when a plane that he and fellow Congressmen were flying on had a mechanical failure during flight today. Thankfully, everything turned out okay and nobody was hurt during what must have been a terrifying experience.

When I was promoted to Felony Two, my first assignment was in Judge Poe's court, and that's a fact I'm very proud of. Although I was scared to death of him, I liked being in that court and trying cases in front of him immensely. It's a fantastic conversation piece to be able to say that I tried my first murder case in front of THE Judge Poe.

I'm happy that everything turned out okay today for him and the other passengers.

But I have to wonder if he is going to order a sign to be painted on the plane saying: "I'm a Bad Plane. I take unexpected nose dives. Stay away."


Ghostrider said...

I think everyone was scared of Judge Poe. I made sure my shoes were shined and I was in my best uniform. I think everyone showed up early for his court. He had RESPECT because he was business and fair. I remember back in the day, when the Clerk's Office used the bingo balls to assign courts, My case I was filling landed in his court. I told the prisoner enroute to the jail what lucky court he got. He cried the rest of the way, as in balling his eyes out. I was in his chambers once for a signature and he is one of the nicest persons that I have met.

Anonymous said...

Do you want justice or mercy? Either answer was bad.

Anonymous said...

I wonder what an aircraft with a "Brister Blister" would look like? Heh, heh, heh.

Ron in Houston said...

I'm not a big fan of Ted Poe; however, I had to applaud him for casting light on the case of the KBR employee who was sexually assaulted.

jigmeister said...

Not sure I agree about Poe. He is an egomaniac and was tough on crime because that got him media attention. He would and did gut you when it was to his advantage. Those that called him a friend were abandoned whenever it was convenient for him.

Watch out with him in congress. He will change colors with the wind.

Anonymous said...

ndfgqJAGJO writes:

This post is yet another example of "you can't please all the people all the time". lol That being said, Judge Poe ( I know , Congressman Poe but to me, always Judge Poe) is(was) one of a kind. The good kind. Unconventional? Yes. Effective and Fair? Yes.
Scare the bejeebies outta of ya?
Perhaps yes, but only if you had bejeebies to be scared outta of ya! ;-)

I didn't find him to be an egomaniac. Tough and confident, but not egomaniac. There is a big difference between confidence and arrogance but the two seemed to always get confused. Yet, here we are still recalling his time on the bench... imagine that.