Thursday, November 13, 2008

It's Official

The final votes were tallied today, and C.O. Bradford conceded the race for District Attorney, making former Judge Pat Lykos the new boss at the D.A.'s Office.

And immediately around the Office, rumors of changes and firings and hirings began to swirl.

I'm reminded of a story that one of my favorite professors at U.H. Law School, the late Yale Rosenberg, told his students before their first law school final. We were all extremely nervous.

He relayed a story of going with his big brother to Coney Island when he was a little kid, and subsequently freaking out on one of the roller coasters as it approached its first big dive.

Professor Rosenberg said that his brother looked over at him and told him the following words:

"Sit down. Shut up. Hold on. And it will all be okay."

His words applied very well to a room full of nervous law students.

I think that they apply here very well, too.

Change is always scary, folks. But the anticipation of it is much often worse than the reality.


Anonymous said...

Have you heard about the part of the election law that would make Lykos the DA immediately? I know for Judges who are appointed to serve out a term and then a different Judge gets elected, the elected Judge will take over as soon as the results are certified, but I can't find anywhere that says its the same for the DA.

whimsicalrandomness said...

$5 says you screamed on the drop down! :) but you're absolutely right... the harris county community and us little people will fare-well during these changes.

Anonymous said...

For Lykos:

Muck said...

Wish you the best.

Seer said...

Be strong. Many people I knew in Dallas are doing just fine in private practice.

Ron in Houston said...

I was surprised to learn that all Assistant County Attorneys serve at the pleasure of the incoming County Attorney.

It's obviously suicide to start a massive political witch hunt but a few lynchings will certainly keep the plebs in line.