Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Good News from the 5th Circuit

I was very happy to hear the good news today that Scott Durfee was exonerated by the 5th Circuit for allegations of wrong-doing during the Chuck Rosenthal fiasco of 2007-2008.

Out of all of the Assistant District Attorneys that had to endure the embarrassment and hardships caused by Rosenthal after the Ibarra Brothers scandal, few can say that they had it as bad as Scott. From his personal e-mails to his family being aired on Channel 11 to being sanctioned by Judge Hoyt, Scott endured a lot over the past two years that he shouldn't have had to.

As Pat McCann pointed out when Scott was originally sanctioned, Scott was in the unenviable position of his "client" (Rosenthal) actually being his employer, as well.

And Scott suffered for Chuck's actions. Throughout it all, he maintained himself with composure and grace, and as much cheerfulness as he could possibly muster. We all watched as he lost a dramatic amount of weight due to the stress he was going through, and it was heartbreaking to see.

I couldn't be happier that Scott's exoneration on this is as public as what he had to go through. He didn't deserve what happened to him.

I'm glad the 5th Circuit agreed.


Anonymous said...

Based upon the recommendations of members of the Attorney General's Office where Scott interned while in law school,Scott was hired by the John B. Holmes, Jr. Office. He proved himself to be both a talented trial and appellate attorney (and sometimes musician)and ultimately he was offered the position of General Counsel with the office. He did not disappoint in that capacity, and it is fair to say that Scott was one of the most liked and respected individuals in the office. Although I was personally disappointed to learn of the Hoyt ruling, I was not particularly surprised, although knowing that it had no factional support - it was one more ruling from a judge who has patently demonstrated over the years that he apparently harbors a disdain for those in law enforcement. Congratulations to Scott and Lisa - the vindication was unfortunately long in coming - but an injustice has been "calibrated" by a system that still retains a modicum of intergrity.
Calvin A. Hartmann - a friend

Anonymous said...

I understand the two county attorney's sanctions were upheld. Wasn't John Barnhill with the county attorney's office at that time and either general counsel or first assistant? Did he help the county attorney make sure Harris County was on the hook to the Ibarra brothers? Didn't' the County Attorney remove the original complaint from a County Court at Law to Federal District Court? Nice move. Thank you Pat for bringing Barnhill to the District Attorney's Office. Maybe he can get the District Attorney's Office on the hook to someone.

Anonymous said...

Scott, you're a helluva guy. Good news and glad for you.

Anonymous said...

Chuckie is the gift that just keeps on giving......what a POS. Congratulations, Scott....justice has finally been served to some degree.
Of all those whose lives have been jacked upside down by that SOB yours was close to the top.

Anonymous said...

Barnhill's a good guy.

Anonymous said...

Barhill? Wasn't he hired by Lykos?

That says all you need to know.

Anonymous said...

Scott Durfee is one of the best people I know at the DA's Office. He is kind, trustworthy, and reliable.

He did not deserve what happened to him last year and I'm glad this was made right.