Sunday, January 24, 2010

The Race for County Court at Law # 3 (Democrat)

Um, I'm running behind on these little election posts. Luckily I have this one to speed things up a little bit.

Running to replace Don Jackson on the Democratic side of the race are Defense Attorney Judith Snively versus defense-attorney-who-runs-for-everything-but-dogcatcher-every-year-because-he-apparently-has-a-lot-of-leftover-campaign-signs-and-it-is-easier-than-running-an-ad-in-the-yellow-pages-even-though-he-is-under-felony-indictment, Lloyd Oliver.

Do I really need to weigh in on this one?


Anonymous said...

I still have not gotten an answer to my question about Democratic king makers requiring a donation or having a candidate buy an ad in exchange for an endorsement. Are the Republicans the only party that engages in this intellectual dishonest? Enlighten me please.

Anonymous said...

The dems don't win often enough to have any kings.

Anonymous said...

There are actually more wannabe democratic king makers, they just keep a lower profile. Essentially, every group out there amounts to such, and their discretion regarding payment is what separates the best of the lot.

Anonymous said...

Judith Snively would make an excellent Judge. I would vote for her even if she had a real opponent.

The Fishing Musician said...

It appears that Judith (my wife's divorce attorney - not from me but from her first husband back in the mid-1980's) is gonna stomp the hell outta Lloyd.

My only question is, will David Mitcham throw down some power chords on his electric at her swearing in ceremony.

I think that election is over, and that the guitar question is the only thing that remains to be determined in this race.