Thursday, May 20, 2010

Black Ink's Article on Bert Graham

Black Ink has written a very nice (and well-deserved) article comending former-First Assistant District Attorney Bert Graham for his years of service with the Office. If you haven't read it yet, you can check it out here.


Anonymous said...

I beg to differ - Bert Graham was a trial Rock Star. Perhaps you didn't know him when he was trying a lot of cases?

How about Ignacio Cuevas, Larry Casey?


Anonymous said...

How about the Joe Campos Torres case? This was the first conviction against a Houston Police for harm to a prisoner.

Bert tried that...

Anonymous said...

Black Ink's accolades vis-a-vis Bert are patently justified. Unlike many of the unnamed contributors to these blogs, I have known Bert from both sides of a case - in the early 1970's as a defense attorney against Bert and then for almost twenty-five years working day to day with him on budget, trial issues, hiring, promotions, and building planning. Black Ink's "tribute" unfortunately, but unintentionally, woefully minimizes Bert's contributions to the Harris County District Office. It can be said without trepidation that other than Johnny Holmes, Bert was the most valuable asset to the office and the people of Harris County during that time. The office was his life for forty years. It is indeed unfortunate that their legacy has been ruinated in less than two years by a bunch of individuals, in the office hierarchy, masquerading themselves as prosecutors.
Calvin Hartmann

Anonymous said...

I will second Calvin and the others. I too recognize the contributions Bert made during his many years of service. He never asked for recognition or accolades. Always doing what was right, what was in the best interest of the citizens of Harris County and what was in the best interest of the HCDA office. I had the privilege of seeing Bert in trial and also recognize his trial ability. I am just proud that I can call Bert a friend.

Edward D. Porter

Anonymous said...

The firing of Bert Graham epitomizes the ignorance of this new administration.

Anonymous said...

It is dismaying to see the lack of comments posted on this blog and that of Black Ink vis-a-vis Bert Graham. In light of all that Bert did for Harris County for forty years and those in the Harris County District Attorney's Office under Vance, Holmes, and Rosenthal I am bitterly disappointed that more people have not come forth to acknowldge his contributions. I am only sorry for those who have not done so - these blog sites gave even the anonymous individual a chance to say thank you. I say thank you Bert.
Calvin Hartmann

Anonymous said...

We miss Bert. His wisdom is sorely missed at the office. I shudder to think of the lack of wisdom come next January if Denise, Marc, and Don win. Bert epitomized the career prosecutor. An idea that Lykos has killed. Nobody who is currently at the office can believe that they are a career prosecutor because of the fear that Lykos could "Donnelly" them at any moment. Sad...

Even sadder is the fact that Bert would gladly have helped prevent the "Leadership Team" from destroying the budget. However, he may not have been able to prevent the good old boy treatment of exhorbitant salaries for the "leadership team" that put the office in a position of financial instability.

It was an honor to work for and with Bert Graham. I wish there were more like him.

Anonymous said...

Bert Graham is a good man. He conducted himself with integrity and honor while at the DAO. Nobody ever worried when he was in charge of things.

Bert, if you are reading this, thank you for all you did for us at the DAO, and for all you did for the citizens of Harris County.

Anonymous said...

Black Ink is a visionary. Black Ink for DA.

Anonymous said...

Bert was the rock. He was the cornerstone. As such,his work was sometimes unseen. He was a wise and thoughtful leader for his troops. He served the institution and the lawyers with honor, always striving to act in the best interest of the individual lawyer and the institution itself. No easy task. He left an incredible legacy because he set such a great example for 100's of lawyers over the years.

Robin Brown

Anonymous said...

Has Bert considered running for DA? Seems like a no brainer?

Anonymous said...


You are a legend and a gentleman. I remember a story about a young prosecutor who found that she was not going to get a paycheck one pay period because she had neglected to timely turn in her timesheet. She was a single mother and counted on that paycheck. Although Bert was notoriously tight with money, he took her aside and wrote her a check to tide her over.

Bert-- you are sorely missed. You epitomize the person many of us strive to be.

God bless,

a prosecutor

Anonymous said...

Once Bert paid for the LSAT fee for an administrative assistant who was also a single mom. He was impressed with how smart and hard-working she was - she worked her way through her bachelor's degree. He did (does) all kinds of stuff like this - quiet and behind the scenes. He's just a really, really quality person. Miss him.

Anonymous said...

Bert is a living legend. Heard he may be going to work with high profile defense lawyer. They are ordering him pair of dress alligator boots. Hope that is true. He is a fountain of knowledge.

A Harris County Lawyer said...

I had lunch with Bert today. If he's planning on doing anything other than enjoying a well-deserved retirement, he didn't mention it to me.

He's doing great and he's even shaved off his moutache.

Anonymous said...

Once Bert saved an young orphan child from washing down the rain gutter during Tropical Storm Allison, while at the same time balancing the DA's budget AND rescuing some puppies and kittens from a fire.

Kidding. Bert is one of my favorite people in the world.

Plus - - he works well / maintains integrity under stress. Anyone can be nice at a party, but you really know a person's character when you see his or her back against the wall.

Anonymous said...

If Bert shaved,something is up. Did he say anything about being interviewed for a position in the governors office? We heard that was a possibility. He is well connected and with all his knowledge ,he might be able to help with some of the budget problems in the state. Go Bert

Anonymous said...

Open letter to Bert from Larry Standley:

Bert you are my HERO! YOU personally interviewed me for a position with the office as a "walk on" when a precommit didn't make the Bar cut in 1984 - then referred me on to the "big" committee;

YOU, personally prosecuted Ignacio Cuevas as a prosecutor on loan in Huntsville Texas' for the attempted prison break murder of my relative - Prison Librarian Julia Standley;

And YOU personally supervised me in Special Crimes and always had our back/ass! Your dry disarming wit was a valued management tool resulting in diffusing many a difficult situation with no harm to anyone;

As Annon: 8:10 rightly points out: YOU prosecuted Larry Casey - the Houston's own version of the "D.C." Sniper, who calmly rode around a Houston neighborhood one day at 3 PM - right as schools were letting kids out - and he began randomly shooting children and an elderly lady calmly watering her yard.

Crimes that occurred long BEFORE the death penalty could be had for such multiple killings. Bert's life was even put into danger post trial:

"For years after he first landed in prison, Mr. Casey sent Bert Graham, the prosecutor on his case, a Christmas card that said, "Thinking of you." A few years ago, prison authorities discovered that Mr. Casey was plotting to kill Mr. Graham, now the first assistant district attorney in Harris County, and eventually Mr. Casey hired an undercover police officer to commit the murder.

Mr. Graham acknowledged "shock and concern" when he learned of Mr. Casey's obsession. "I was surprised he was planning something that specific," he said. "He was fully capable of following through with the plan."

Bert's Family and life WAS the D.A.'s Office. His car was ALWAYS the last to leave the new CJC. Bert you were the true 'Watchman" of the Harris County District Attorney's Office. For that - as well as everything mentioned and not mentioned due to length constraints THANK YOU BOSS!


Larry Standley -
YOUR loyal friend and public servant.