Tonight's Reasonable Doubt

Just a programming note about tonight's Reasonable Doubt for those of you addicted to cable access television.

Todd DuPont and I will be hosting with special guest Pat McCann. Not sure what the topic is going to be yet, but I have a feeling we'll be talking some about mental health issues in the court.


Anonymous said…
Hot off Rumor Mill--We heard commissioners court already talking to people about being the head of public defender office. No surprise that top contender is judge defeated in past election and several ex prosecutors dismissed by new d a. Hard to leave public teat. No defense experience required.
Anonymous said…
Hot off Rumor Mill-I have my head up my ass, and don't have the guts to name names (including my own). I probably don't know nothing about nothing, but because I can post anonymously, that's kewl. No brain required.
Anonymous said…
Don't let Pat wear the black leather "southie" jacket again

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