Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Um, Mom?

So, I had the following e-mail exchange with my 60-something year-old mother on Facebook on Monday. She was writing from College Station.



[My friends] and I went to the Adult Bookstore Friday. We had a great time. I told them you worked on a murder there. They were impressed.


Um, that's great, Mom. I won't ask why you were there.


Oh, it is a great new Mexican restaurant now. We will have to go the next time you are in Bryan.

Good to know.


Just Sayin' said...

Some prefer munching on a well prepared taco; others go for the whole enchilada. Either way you just can't beat a salty Margarita.

Just Sayin'

Jeff said...

It's a good restaurant as well, worth checking out the next time you're in aggieland.

Mark Bennett said...

"The Adult Bookstore" is a great name for a restaurant, in the same vein as "The French Laundry."

Who Knew said...

I can't believe Mark Bennett is familiar with Napa's French Laundry cuisine, let alone be able to get reservations.
Somehow elegant French tapas fare is not what I imagine Bennett to appreciate.

Who knew?

Mark Bennett said...

Then your deficit of information about me is—or was—nearly complete.

Anonymous said...

Well, Murray, based on my training and experience, there happens to be a whole lot of symbolism in that exchange.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad its a Mexican restaurant now, I'd much rather people remember me as being killed in a Mexican restaurant then in an adult book store.

Anonymous said...

Big words make head hurt.
I don't even know what a French tapa is.
I just like the story.
Am I the only one who apprecitates the sexual joke here?
Except Just Sayin' gets it(:
Seriously, why be technical, and rude about a sexual joke.
They make the world go round(: