Friday, November 19, 2010

Adios Andrew

Today marks the last day of Felony Two Andrew Leuchtmann, the Two in the 263rd District Court. Andrew is headed for greener pastures over at the Feds, like several other Assistant D.A.'s have done over the past few months (including a certain sock-tie wearing Chief who shall remain nameless).

Andrew started at the Office several years after I did, and I never had the occasion to work with him when I was a prosecutor. He did have an excellent reputation as a smart, hard-working prosecutor who was good in trial.

Shortly after I left the Office, he was moved to the Special Crimes Division where he worked under John Brewer in the Major Fraud/Identity Theft Division. Like Craig Still before him, Andrew took to the new job division like a fish to water. He was highly respected amongst the Defense Bar as a prosecutor who was knew his cases and what he was talking about, and was willing to work with whatever information an attorney provided him with.

I got to deal with Andrew on a case last year, and I was really impressed with the way he handled the case. He had an extremely strong case against my client, yet he didn't have any type of desire to throw my client under the bus just because he had the upper hand. He worked diligently on achieving a fair resolution to the case that was the right thing to do. He took into account those factors which deserved consideration, and he proceeded with what he thought was best.

His reputation with the Defense Bar for handling ALL of his cases like that is very well known, and that is why he is so highly respected.

Andrew's departure from the Harris County District Attorney's Office is unquestionably yet another huge loss for them. He brought a level of maturity and knowledge to that place that will be difficult, if not impossible to replace. Fortunately for the general citizenry, he has elected to stay in public service.

I wish you the best of luck, Andrew. You will do great with the Feds, just as all the other Harris County departures who went there have done.

My only regret is that you left before we got to try that Bigamy case against each other. I know that breaks your heart.


Luci said...

Best of Luck, Andrew!! I know you will do great and you will be greatly missed at the CJC. Be sure to keep "the Marks" (Blanco and Donnelly) in line for me.

Anonymous said...

More Rosenthal win at all costs prosecutors out the door? good riddance to bad news!

(sarcasm, assholes)


OTOH, the feds now have a lot of great prosecutors.

Too bad that the new feds might have stayed as county prosecutors for longer.

The insanity defense should be used in all bigamy cases (sarcasm intended). I mean, who's crazy enough to want more than one spouse?

Anonymous said...


We will miss you, like we have the others who have left because this troll continues to play games with careers reputations. Best of luck to you in the Federal System. They are lucky to get the best and brightest from Harris County.

Folks, these are not "sour grapes" as the Chronicle article would have you believe.These are the attorneys who are in "the know" and are witnessing the demise of a once great District Attorney's office. The experience level in the office is shrinking like the ice cubes in a Jack and Coke. The administration has taken measures to see that every decision is reviewed by multiple people and there is no more prosecutorial discretion over here, really.

Our only hope is that the time Pat has left in office is as short as a Marlboro light's butt. The elction can not come soon enough for those of us who have been here before this mess started and will be after it is gone. I think it would be a good idea to get a condidate who is willing to beat this demon out of office on the scene soon. It will take time and money to beat her, but it will be worth it and Harris county deserves better than it is getting right now.

- A veteran prosecutor.

Anonymous said...

Best of luck to you, Andrew. This is clearly a good decision for you and I suspect you will do well.

Edward D. Porter