Friday, January 14, 2011

Luci Davidson's Birthday

Happy 50th Birthday to my former-Division Chief, current Officemate, and friend, Luci Davidson.

I told her that to make her feel better after turning a half-Century old that I would try to come up with some things older than she was, but so far, all I've come up with are:

1.  Dirt
2.  Sin
3.  Pat Lykos

Feel free to add to this list, and if you see Luci, wish her a happy birthday.  Just don't startle her.  You know, at her age .  . .


jigmeister said...

Still younger than the old Jigmeister. Happy birthday and stay happy kid.

Twilight Zoned said...

Take a lump of coal from La Porte;
Pressurize it at criminal court.

Luci in the sky with diamonds;
All the best from your friends.

You sure ain't a shrinking violet;
Taking charge like a fighter pilot.

No doubt that many of us were afraid;
But we'll all dance at your parade.

Now if you think fifty years is old;
Take a look at Patsy and behold.

Oh my God what a frightful sight;
That old hag try as she might.

U-G-L-Y Lykos got no alibi;
She ugly and that ain't no lie.

Happy Birthday Luci!!!!!

BLACK INK said...

Luci Davidson's tough exterior never hid her sincerity or loyalty.

There is something to be said for telling it like it is.

Happy Birthday and many more.

Alex said...

You must have a death wish, Murray. Happy Birthday, Luci!

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday, Luci. Glad to see Charlie hasn't driven you crazy yet!

Anonymous said...

So, Luci will never remember this; but I will never forget it. She was on the panel at my 2nd interview- and as I got interrogated by my interviewers (the girl before me walked out in tears), she swooped in and threw me soft balls. She nodded when my answers were on the right track. She shook her head when they weren't. 2 years after that she got assigned to be my "mentor". We didn't get to try any cases together but when I needed an assist she did everything she could to, once again, help me out. I hope one day I'm able to pay that forward.

Happy Birthday Luci. Thanks for being awesome.

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday Luci! Hell 50 ain't old! Wait to hit 60 before starting to worry about it!