Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tody Dupont

I'm sorry to report that our Criminal Justice Community has lost one of its long-time members today with the passing of defense attorney Tody Dupont.  Mr. Dupont was the father of one of my best friends, Todd Dupont, who practiced with his Dad.  He had been in a car accident earlier this month, but his prognosis had been positive.  Today's news is just as surprising as it is sad.

I wish I could fill a long post here with stories of Mr. Dupont, but I actually only personally met him once or twice at the crawfish cookouts that he and Todd threw together.  I did know his reputation as one of the well-known legends of Decades Past.  Most of your seasoned attorneys around the CJC knew Mr. Dupont and spoke very highly of him.

But more importantly, I know that Todd spoke so highly of his father.  Todd has always been so proud to be working with his father and loves telling stories about his Dad's cases.  I'm a first-generation lawyer in my family, and I've always been envious of those lawyers that have a family history in the law -- especially criminal law.

I know that Todd treasured getting to work with his Dad for as long as he did, and was so proud to tell people that he was "Tody's boy".

In all honesty, I don't know what better tribute you could give to a Man, than those types of feelings from his son.

My heartfelt condolences go out to my friend, Todd, and all of Mr. Dupont's family.  I will post funeral arrangements here as they become available.


Brian Wice said...

I had the great privilege of knowing Tody Dupont, a man who filled any room he walked into with his larger-than-life presence. He cold called me in 1997 to refer me a criminal appeal that I ended up winning in the Fourteenth Court of Appeals. Every time I saw him after that, he loved to remind me of how we were undefeated as a tag team. When I would see Tody at CLE seminars we were both compelled to attend as part-time municipal court judges, I knew that he would make an otherwise unbearable event worth the price of attendance once we had our first cocktail. He was a great lawyer and an even better human being. I want to extend my sincerest sympathy to Todd and his other family members and his legion of friends. May his memory be a blessing.

Anonymous said...

Tody represented my 1st cousin in all 4 of her divorces. My uncle lives in J.V.. My first contact with Mr. Dupont was me as a very green #3 prosecutor in County Court. I think his was the very first authentic official "coon-ass" accent I'd ever heard. I shall never forget his fairness towards me while working in the D.A.'s Office from 1984 - 1999. I also remember how loyal he was as his word was his bond. My most heartfelt condolences go out to Todd and the Dupont family. As you already know - he lives on through each of you.

May the Peace of our lord be with you.

Judge Larry Standley

Sid Crowley said...

I'm sorry to hear about Tody's passing. I remember him well from my time in the DA's office in the early 80s. I hadn't seen him around in quite a while and wondered if he had retired.

Anonymous said...

Tody and my brother grew up together here in Plaquemine Louisiana, its hard to believe that both are now gone

Wally Mahoney said...

A Great Lawyer, a Great Man, he will be greatly missed. He was somebody you could trust and depend upon.

Anonymous said...

I lived down the road from Tody. I got pleasure of meeting "The Judge" when he showed up in my driveway one day shortly after moving in. We would take turns now and then stopping by each other's place and chew the fat a bit. Although I am a rather rabid right-wing conservative I grew to know and really like Tody despite his big Yellow Dog :^D. A number of us got to know Tody living down the road from him. And we all pretty much know who we are. Because Tody like his larger than life character, gravitated to OTHER characters LOL. We are all going to sorely miss "The Judge" and are saddened by his all so sudden departure. God-Bless you Tody!!! -- Bob