Thursday, May 19, 2011

Tonight's Reasonable Doubt (5/19/11)

Please join me and Todd Dupont for tonight's Reasonable Doubt at 8:00 p.m.  Our guest will be defense attorney Norm Silverman.  As always, you can watch it on live streaming video by clicking here.

As a side note, there is no truth to the rumors that Norm, Cunningham and I are starting the Three Bald Guys Law Firm, despite what the picture indicates.


Anonymous said...

aaahhh, the glare!

Anonymous said...


Mix in a salad.

Anonymous said...

Murray is that Robert E. Lee over your right shoulder?
Not very PC if it is and Quanell X might picket your office.

A Harris County Lawyer said...

Um, that would be Teddy Roosevelt, but thanks for playing.

Anonymous said...

The names Moe, Larry, and Curly come to mind.

Anonymous said...

What does this post have to do with "Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center?" Sounds like you need to re-name your blog or start another one like "Look at me. I'm Murray" or "Here's a Post Because I Can't Think of Anything Else to Say."

A Harris County Lawyer said...

Anon 8:02 a.m.,

Do you always get up so early on Sundays to be such a pissy little whiner? Just curious.

To answer your questions, the Reasonable Doubt show has everything to do about Life at the CJC, and callers have to opportunity to call in and ask questions. So, that's relevant. Norm Silverman just had a huge (and interesting) victory in the Federal courts that were the topic of discussion.

As far as the "look at me I'm Murray" thing, you are familiar with what the basic concept of a blog is, right? And it certainly seems to be working with you if you are checking it out first thing on a Sunday morning.

Anon 8:02 a.m. said...

The reason I was checking was because I thought just maybe you had something of interest to say. Obviously not...except for your reply to me!

I do understand the concept of a blog. As I recall, you initially started this blog as an anonymous piss and moan blog. Not so much about you, just about giving people some perspective about the DA's Office and trying to set the record a little straighter. But now that you have been unmasked, at least for nearly 3 years, it has turned to more about you. My post stated that you ought to change the name of the blog, not that you were making yourself the subject of your own blog more often, which you are. If you think you're that interesting, have at it. I'll just wait to hear from others when you have something of general interest to say, not just "Hey I'm on the radio. Both of you need to turn in!" LOL!!!

A Harris County Lawyer said...

Nope, nothing interesting to say at the moment. Been quiet at the CJC lately. That is about to change, however, so maybe you'll find something interesting then.

Anonymous said...

I love the insight as to what happens at HCCJC, and throwing out a little personal good humor is nice to see. Obviously (most of) your readers work around and with you, so I'm sure they enjoy your stories personal or not, so please keep them coming. Oh and Reasonable Doubt is on TV, I have learned a lot watching it and your updates here help me with the topic info, so thanks for that too.

BLACK INK said...


Folks like 8:02 are simply jealous of your influence and insight.

Murray Newman wisdom, wit and compassion are what make this blog special.

Keep it up my old friend; and when the piss ants become intolerable.....their namesake provides the remedy.