Saturday, August 20, 2011

I Love My Hometown News

As I've mentioned frequently on this blog, I love being from Bryan, Texas.  I loved growing up there.  I love the people there.  I love to go back there when I can.

I also love watching the news there.  Every local commercial features either a) somebody I know or b) somebody I grew up watching on commercials.

The weatherman and the sports guy have been the same since I was in junior high school, and to this day, when you see one of them at the grocery store, you kind of feel like you just saw a celebrity.

And then there are the news stories themselves . . .

Like tonight's headline.

I love that a minor accident made the TV news when it wasn't even a hit and run and nobody was seriously injured.

I also enjoy that instead of giving the location with a cross-street, the description of the location read:
It happened around 9 o'clock Friday night on East 29th Street in Bryan near the Dairy Queen.
Sometimes, it is just nice to know that there are still some small towns where a minor accident is the worst thing that happens on a Friday night.


Anonymous said...

Next: Gumball machine at bus depot refilled.

David said...

Unfortunately, even the small towns have bad Saturdays and Sundays. Here are the top three headlines on Sunday night. Although fewer and far between than Houston, even small townso can't escape bad.

POLICE: Residents Evacuated As Subject Barricades Self

Police: Suspect Arrested In Hit & Run Accident Killing Four

Woman Killed in Highway 6 Crash