Sunday, June 3, 2012

Where Do We Go Now?

A commenter on my last post cited the final moments (after the credits) in the classic Ferris Bueller's Day Off:
Remember that very, very last scene in Ferris Bueller's Day Off? "Hey, what are you still doing here?  The movie is over . . . go home . . .  go." Well, in the same vein and tone of speech:  "Hey, you/we . . . Won.  Why are we still talking about this woman?  Let's get to work and she WILL be gone in a few short months -- compared to the last 3+ years.  So go on . . .  now." Wanna drive a narcissistic queen crazy?  Ignore her.  Be indifferent . . . let's let all of this kvetching die on the gossip line. 
I couldn't agree with the commenter more.

Although thinking of Pat Lykos as Ed Rooney, Rachel Palmer as Jeanie, and of course, Alex Bunin as Ben Stein has inspired me to post this clip.

The Republican Primary of 2012 is over and regardless of what happens in November, Pat Lykos is done as of December 31st (at the latest).  It is time for the District Attorney's Office to get back to the business of doing business.

Of course there will be relevant things to talk about as we see what happens within the Office now.  That will certainly be true if Lykos continues down the retaliatory path like she did with Kenny Rodgers.  There are questions to be answered in the days and weeks to come:

    Will Lykos continue to fire people who didn't support her?
    Will the Commissioners and/or Republican Party leadership ask Lykos to step down before she gets the County sued?
    What is the future of Jim Leitner and the rest of the Executive Leadership Committee?
    Is Lykos really trying to get her name put on the Regional Crime Lab by donating Asset Forfeiture Money to it?
    What's going to happen with the Rangers' investigation?
We will doubtlessly address all of those issues in the near future.

However, at some point it becomes time to let the anger fizzle out somewhat. (And, yes, I'm more guilty of failing to do that than anyone else.)  I do understand that a lot of prosecutors feel like they've just been sprung from prison after a 3 and a half year sentence and some celebrating is in order.  I'm certainly not here to quash that. 

I am hopeful, however, that our discussions in the future are more substantive than just giving the "one finger salute" to Lykos, Leitner, Rachel and the rest of the Lykos "Brand."  

I think the voters already did that last Tuesday.


Anonymous said...

As part of the Lloyd Oliver Transition Team, I'd like to reassure all the current prosecutors that we're doing everything we can to make sure there will be a seamless transition in January.

Mark W. Stephens said...

I think a better application of that movie analogy would be directed at Lykos.

As in, "Hey, what are you still doing here? The election is over."

Lykos lost and its time for her to step down. Its a long time until December and she can still do a LOT of damage. The Republican Party needs to step up, make her step down, and get Anderson in place before the general election. But, they won't.

So we CAN'T just ignore her or be indifferent until then. Be vigilant. Be wary. And DON'T let her continue to cause harm...

Just my opinion.

Anonymous said...

Perfect topic to chew the fat on before Mike is sworn in. Damn good comedic releif. Ok here goes:

I heard when lLloyd takes office he is going to personally take control of the GJ Division Training Section. He role plays as the perenial "Target ".

Anonymous said...

Mark you just gave her energy....Let it go!

Anonymous said...

If Lykos fires everyone that didn't back her election, she will need to make docket call in several courts. OMG!

Anonymous said...

She can't fire everyone who did not support her, she would only have her leadership team and a few sycophants. Certainly not enough to send someone to each court, although I would love to see her and her minions in courts working a docket. That would be worth the price of admission.

Anonymous said...

I understand a law was passed in a recent Texas leg session prohibiting a lame duck DA from spending asset forfeiture funds. Is that correct?

Anonymous said...

If only Lykos would "ride for the brand" and make sure Mike gets elected.

Anonymous said...


Correct, without permission of the commissioners court

Anonymous said...

domocratics trying to bring out voters===rememember the aggie phrase---ITS NOT OVER TIL ITS OVER

Anonymous said...

Y'all sure love this woman. "A hungry man speaks of food". Pray-tell - how you gonna control anything HARRIS COUNTY DISTRICT ATTORNEY PATRICIA LYKOS DOES between now and 11:59 12/31/12?

> Can't make her quit?

> Can't control how she deals with personnel;

> Can't control any investigations;

> Can't go back in time and make her win so you can keep bitching for 4 more years;

Now you want to stay vigilant on something? Just a suggestion because "I" have no control over YOU!

Pull her finance reports and endorsement list and ask Mike what YOU can do to win over any of the ones that still have sense.

On the other hand - Yes forget Lykos - but keep your eye on those County Officials who embraced her. Remember their names come 2 or 4 years.

Watch Woodville and - regardless what Talton says, just wait and see WHERE CAHOW, LYKOS, and yes WOODVILLE get hired next year. Of course Talton isn’t going to say he promised a job – the oath of Office prohibits it. But I’ll bet you a CJC hamburger – he DOES hire his former Colleague.
With budget cuts and no raises - watch where and more importantly - how $ wise - these people are transferred back to the County Judge's Office. In other words – hell yes – get all over her for what she and others DO from here till she leaves – and after as already mentioned. All this would be fair game for a sane brain. Otherwise, you’re just engaging in what if’s and mental masturbation. Why not enjoy the victory instead?

No mas

Anonymous said...

For grins, I went to Lykos' re-election website to see how the election results were handled. Surprise- it appears she is still running! No mention whatsoever of her being fired.

You need to get to website updated!

Anonymous said...

Anybody hearing any updates on the State Bar complaints filed against Woodfill for borrowing millions and millions he can't begin to repay? Talton may not get to hire little Jared if Jared can't hang on to his bar card.

Anonymous said...

Murray it right. We got rid of her or we will soon. It is up to us to resurrect this office. It is time to work. I will do what I should do and if Lykos fires me, I hope to be back in January. Being afraid is no way to be. Let's all do our jobs and make this County proud of our office again. -nph

Anonymous said...

This is “Mother Hen again”. Once Mike gets in - the Eyes of the opposition will be watching. They will be watching for ANY perceived foibles to connect to the new administration. So watch for ANYTHING that even resembles foolishness on your part that could cause embarrassment to Mike. Mike will obviously do what is right by the office and since he has publically stated he likes one like Holmes and Vance I could with reasonable probability predict he will have competent people to completely restructure the Office Management and Line Tree to resemble a common sense approach where people are hired by an official hiring committee and promoted based on merit and evaluations and Felony Chief’s will be reintroduced to the “Chief’s Poll”. To make Chief under Holmes – meant you had to first be rated by your peers.
Prediction: The entire PR apparatus will be stripped and line prosecutors might just get the opportunity to properly and ethically talk about your own cases pre, during and after trial. HOWEVER, you better read up on what you can and cannot say or it’s your ticket. Holmes had guidelines and no doubt Mike will too. From the day he is sworn in start counting the number of times you hear this kind of theme:
We are here to seek Justice and not to merely convict. If you are not having fun doing your job – win or lose conviction then you might want to reassess your purpose because I don’t want people working here that really don’t want to. Obviously not all of you are “lifers” but you fill your 3 year commitment and you are square by me. Used the good common sense God gave you and never think you have ANY responsibility to “make me look good”. And as Holmes always said, bet you hear Mike say you can always come to me personally without fear to talk about ANY you want to about a policy, or case, or whatever.
You may hear: “We are all human and subject to making mistakes”. So long as – depending on the facts your intentions were pure and not intentional or spiteful, illegal, immoral, or unethical – I got your back. But don’t ever lie to me or your supervisor – all this should go without saying. Bottom Line I predict a lot of references to common sense, not being afraid to make decisions, the Office belongs to the citizens of Harris County but entrusted to Mike. If you are properly doing your job right – there should never be any need for the lime light to EVER shine on me”. He might say. However, if any prosecutor or employee gets a DWI – the media will blow it way up. Never, ever, ever, drink even communion wine and drive at night – period! Take a damn cab if even one beer passes your lips after work and there should be NO ALCOHOL obviously – on premises.
Mike might even look to see what, if any, changes Lykos made to the policy manual that he likes, and while discarding some that just don’t make sense – or are self-serving- keep the others. All supposition – but one man or woman can run that Office alone. Besides THAT little disastrous experiment has already been tried and failed miserably!


Vic W said...

Here is what's next:

Send Lykos & her crack Leadership Team to the Bronx to clean this mess up.

Anonymous said...

Years ago I tried to give Holmes a campaign contribution, his response was to tear up the check and told me the best contribution I could make was to do the right thing and do it to the best of my ability.

Working the Polls

Jigmeister said...

My two cents:

This election was won because Lykos painted everyone who worked for Holmes or even knew Rosenthal with a brush full of toxic waste. We never did a lick of work except when we worked very hard to put innocent people away by nefarious unethical means. The majority of our time was spent engaging in drunken orgies and she was Joan of arc sent from on high to sterilize the office. From what I can gather, all the group photos of present and past employees was taken down and stories of our past achievements were banned or she took credit for them.

Well, a great number of fine people were angered. I saw a great number of old friends at Mike's victory party. They all worked. Some of them had been retired or left 15, 20 years ago or more. We convinced an old friend and well respected man to give up a well deserved retirement, carry the banner and hit the campaign trail hard. We gave what money we could (thanks Richard A. and others). We called, emailed, face booked friends, neighbors, and everyone we knew and we went to work. Murray kept hitting and exposing the toxic environment at the office. Johnny came through with his good name, some money, and sage advice. Bert, Calvin, Edward, Shirley, Casey G, Vic, Cat, Sally, Chip, Lynn, Craig, Sheila and many others rooted Mike on at the debates and meetings over months after work and then got out there working the early polls and finally election day. Even those who couldn't actively help were there with their small donations and word to all their friends. The law enforcement community came out because they knew the truth and were angry.

We all felt like we had to excise the cancer that struck the family and radical surgery was the only way. None want any thanks but to see the family well. And though I recognize the work left to do, I proclaim the surgery successful and the patient will recover slowly but fully.

Anonymous said...

Great post, Jig!

Anonymous said...

Cancer can sometimes spread once it's cut on. You must be sure to get it completely out. If Lykos moves over to another political office she will still be trouble. You've got to keep pressure on other elected officials that if they hire her she will bring problems on them.

Anonymous said...

Outstanding post Jig! Pretty much sums everything up in three well-written paragraphs!

Anonymous said...

Word is the Lykos is completely melting down. Love it! Keep the firings up and see what happens. People aren't going to take getting pushed around any more. We all hate you. With good reason. You are a miserable excuse for a slug, much less a human. Good luck in your future irrelevance. No one's going to miss you when you're gone.

Anonymous said...

Man! I'm glad I dont have to work with you people.

Anonymous said...

If Lykos holds true to form, she will be blaming each member of the leadership team that she brought in with her for her resounding loss at the polls.

That is her stock-in-trade as she would never recognize that she was her own worst enemy. She'll also blame RP for taking the 5th, and Clint for losing his case causing her bad publicity.

The "perfect storm" that swept her into office has swatted her in the back end and right out the back door.

God is Good!

Anonymous said...

For those wanting a blueprint of what will happen, look to all the other times Lykos lost a political race. It would be wise for her to step down now so Mike can be appointed interim DA, at least if she is half as loyal to the GOP as she has claimed for all these years.

If she doesn't resign, please remember that when voting for whomever supports/supported her in the future.

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:59 I understand not wanting to work with "you people" if you are expressing no desire to work for Lykos and the "leadership team". But if you are talking about those who stuck it out, who were berated, belittled and had to answer to a "leadership team" that took management lessons from the captain of the Titanic, then you are wrong. Those who stuck it out should receive medals for their perseverance and dedication to the citizens of Harris County.

Murrary, I know you are saying we should move on but you were not at the polls listening to Lykos after hugging friends saying so much support and when she corrected the priest at her swearing in that her name was Lykos pronounced like us. The voters have spoken and they don't "like us", they have had enough of the so called "leadership team" and the sycophants. They sure told Lana "I have been here since 7 this morning" Shadwick. Lykos and the "leadership team" should do at least one good act for the citizens of Harris County, resign and resign now.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know if Lykos was ever able to get anybody to work polls for her. I heard Mike had about 30 locations covered election day. I also heard neither Zach or Lloyd had any poll workers.

Anonymous said...

We were told today that there will be no more at will firings.

Anonymous said...

I was at four different locations on election day working for Mike and never saw any workers for Lykos or either democrat.

Anonymous said...

I know Lykos was trying to get poll workers and a friend told me she was begging on her Facebook page. I never saw any Lykos poll workers.

Jigmeister said...

I was at two stations on the east side and no one but Mike supporters worked them. No signs for them either. According to Devon, people working for Mike worked the 60 most active polling stations. If not all day then at least part of the day. Ed told me that Lykos actually worked downtown, but don't know if she had anybody working for her anywhere else. Funny story about cops supporting Mike. When I would take a brake to go smoke my corn cob, the two constable candidates running against each other would pass out Mike's literature and talk him up for me.

Anonymous said...

I worked several days early voting plus a high volume poll on election day - In 4 days, I did NOT see one person campaigning for Lykos (or either democrat candidate). Just like Jigmeister, I had constable campaigners, state rep supporters AND judge poll workers assisting me by support ing Mike.