Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Reasonable Doubt (9/20/12)

Please join me and Todd Dupont for Thursday's Reasonable Doubt, where our guest will be our friend Gemayel Haynes.  Gemayel is a former-Assistant District Attorney with Harris County and a criminal defense attorney.

There is no shortage of topics coming out of the Criminal Justice Center these days, so we have a lot to talk about.  Please call in with your questions.

As always, you can watch us live streaming at 8:00 p..m. by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

You have hair; and, you play the guitar well.

Good show.

bert graham said...

I am sad to report Tommy Dunn passed away yesterday. He had been in bad health lately and I think he was in his 90's. The younger readers probably aren't familiar with him but they missed a heck of a guy. He was one of my mentors at the DA's Office in the late '60's and '70's (I sat with him in my first Capital case). He was a true gentleman in the old school manner. He attended St. Thomas high school and Rice Institute (now Rice Univ). Tommy was a bachellor for over 60 years until he married a wonderful woman who made his last years I'm sure his best years. (Yes there's still hope for some of us). He believed in justice first and convictions second. I will miss his remarkable sense of humor and bright outlook on life and his kind efforts to take the time to help and advise a wide eyed rookie through my formative prosecutor years.

I don't know about funeral arrangements.

Bert Graham

Anonymous said...

Thanks for letting us know about Tommy, Bert. I don't think he was still with the office when I started, but I have fond memories of him anyway. I tried several cases against him as a young prosecutor and really enjoyed his stories. He was in the same generation as Ted Busch, Allen Stilley, Jimmy James and the venerated Bert Graham back when the office was small enough to fit on the 5th floor next to the clerks office in the old courthouse. I do remember him from those days. Tommy was a great gentleman lawyer with a real sense of humor. We won't see that his like again. RIP old friend.