Monday, November 5, 2012

Leon Wilson and the Investigator Moves

The Lykos Administration released moves last week that seem to indicate that the inmates are running the Asylum.

Following the departure of Chief Investigator Don McWilliams (which was effective October 31st), Lykos made the odd move of bringing back long-since-retired-former-D.A.-Investigator Walker "Mac" McAnally as chief investigator.  Mac is a great guy and a great investigator.  As far as moral character and investigative skills go, I've got no problem with that move.  However, it is a little strange since he has been out of the business for quite some time.  It would be the equivalent of the Houston Texans announcing that they are bringing in Warren Moon to quarterback.

The far more disturbing move, in my opinion, is the promotion of Leon Wilson to "Assistant Chief Investigator" from wherever he had been before.

Wilson, if you will recall, is one of the political Lykos-hires that she brought over from the County Attorney's Office at the beginning of her term.  Per most of the sources I've talked to, he has been an extreme loyalist to her, and an extreme agitator to his fellow co-workers.  Early on, he inexplicably clashed with some senior and highly respected D.A. Investigators in what appeared to be nothing more than power plays over who had the most clout within the Office.

While other Lykos appointees such as Chief Investigator McWilliams and Dennis Field seemed to have had the respect of the investigators they were supervising, Wilson seemed to have the disdain of most investigators that I spoke with.

Apparently, with McWilliams' departure last week, Wilson finally was able to seize the power within the Office he had been so desperately searching for.  According to my reliable sources, he lobbied for the firing of one of the Captain Investigators and was denied that.  However, he did manage to get that highly respected investigator demoted when he appealed directly to Lykos.

Wilson's promotion to Assistant Chief Investigator for the last two months of the Lykos Administration will give him something to put on his resume, I suppose.  However, his promotion is more akin to being made Captain of the Titanic long after it struck the iceberg.

To say that his new supervisory position is not sitting well with the rest of the rank and file at the Office would be a massive understatement.  It will be interesting to see what other things happen in the final 56 days of the Administration.

There are rumors that if Republican Candidate Robert Talton is elected to the position of County Attorney that he may hire Wilson as an investigator.

I certainly hope Talton does his homework first.


Unknown said...

Your Blog posts have kept me amused

I am sure there are those from both sides of the coin who read here and grin or curse.



ps: your captcha is border paranoid.. as we try once again to get through the wire. Git the rope.

Unknown said...

ps: Checked out your website. I had a suspicion when I saw your picture that you were an Aggie. I was right. The neighbors on the right of m y home are both Aggies, and I hate to say this, as it may not be Politically Correct, then again I am not a PC advocate, you Aggies all look alike.

Anonymous said...

Keep in mind that Lykos and Leon are still being investigated by the Texad Rangers over their spying on the Grand Jury. She couldn't put just any investigator in the Asst Chief slot. Partners in conspiracies have to stick together!

Anonymous said...

We heard today some of the old time investigators are being investigated.Is that true?

Anonymous said...

The best advice that I can offer is that you must show up at the free celebration dinner that Lloyd Oliver's campaign is hosting at 7:30 pm tommorrow. The leadership for his transition team will be selected from that group. Lloyd Oliver will respect any of the choices that Pat Lykos made.

Unknown said...

Dear Anonymous said... (g)

Why remain annon? It takes away from credibility of any ones statements.

That said I better sign off with my John Doe. (lol)

My only fear is the submission button that's preceded by a lean, mean, try it again machine called "Out Law Captcha" ... now I know why this guy practices criminal law.

Joe Oliver
Houston, TX

There is nothing more invigorating than watching the stars & stripes billowing in the wind. On some windy days you can hear the sound of the battles she flew over and the cry of those who gave their lives for freedom echo and resound, stand firm on the Constitution I gave my life for, walk forward in my footsteps and maintain her.

--(c) 2011 Eagle II

Franklin Bynum said...

Hey, look, Eagle II showed up!

Murray Newman said...

Anon 12:28,


Old School Investigator said...

I have known Leon Wilson for ten years. I know him to be a very loyal worker bee and a great friend. If you work for an elected official...especially one that hires you away from a newly elected official of another party who will certainly fire you(Vince Ryan); you certainly will support the person who "brought you to the dance" and saved your job AND your retirement.

I am certain that if Leon survives Judge Anderson's administration, he will be equally loyal to Judge Anderson.

Old School Investigator said...

I have known Leon Wilson for ten years. I know him to be a very loyal worker bee and a great friend. If you work for an elected official...especially one that hires you away from a newly elected official of another party who will certainly fire you(Vince Ryan); you certainly will support the person who "brought you to the dance" and saved your job AND your retirement.

I am certain that if Leon survives Judge Anderson's administration, he will be equally loyal to Judge Anderson.

Anonymous said...

I also know Leon Wilson. He is incompetent and will do anything to suck up to whoever is in charge. He is lazy and needs to apply to a Dayton police agency. He will be available on January 1, 2013.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:23pm,

You must have known him a long time ago because all he does now is sit around and drink coffee. He's so lazy you'd think he worked at the post office!

Anonymous said...

Leon got in excess of a $50K per year raise when he was "promoted" to an Asst Chief Investigator pay slot. Pretty obvious that was a quid pro quo from Lykos for all the sleazy snitching and following of people Lykos perceived as being in a conspiracy against her by good old Leon.

Anonymous said...

I was wondering where Joe the Investigator is these days?757

Unknown said...

Dear Anonymous

I only come out when there is a full moon.

<< evil grin >>

Man up/Women up ( what ever )... use your John Q Public.

No Speil Chicker, No Grammatics, (( Got gram a tic colla )), not politically correct, not a people pleaser.

Anonymous said...

Only 47 more days....


Anonymous said...

Only 30 more days and real professionalism will return to the office.

Unknown said...

Yes, the moon is full, or at least it was last eve.

Anonymous must be looking for work as an ADA.

There are good people who work there. Some in the mental health area of the DA's office. There is a young former ( never really met a former ) combat medic who I hope District Attorney-elect Mike Anderson retains. The head of that group is so dedicated, I spoke to her once, not too long ago, and she was so sick, hoarse, I could hardly understand her.. but she was manning her post. That's dedication.

I want to HANG that captcha or at least the creator of the version used on the blog.. talk about paranoid. (g) as we try it again.. and again.. and again.

No way it's me. Don't even go there. I now realize why comments are sparse.

Anonymous said...

Eagle II-
Definitely not looking for work. This was posted under the Investigator moves subject and therefore was directed at that group.

There are a number of total incompetents hired by Lykos and hopefully that will be remedied soon. They know who they are so no need to name names.

Unknown said...

Dear Anonymous,

Not to worry, that flighty, fortuitous, frivolous, goalless, haphazard, heedless, hit-or-miss, indecisive, indiscriminate, irresolute, objectless, pointless, purposeless, random, shiftless, stray, thoughtless, unavailing, in(sin)uation was just a post full moon howl. In fine, I was having fun. (g) It would be pointless to name names within an Anonymous poison-pen entry.

Be aware, we will be watching your count downs till the next full moon.


Anonymous said...

Has anyone read the Wikipedia entry for Pat Lykos? It reads as if she wrote it herself, here are some excerpts:

"In late 2011, political foes of Lykos used the 185th Grand Jury for an unlawful purpose."

"Throughout the Republican Primary, it became clear that Pollard supported Anderson for Harris County District Attorney. She even attended a debate where she shouted from the audience and whispered with Anderson in a corner."

"While Lykos may have been defeated in the Republican Primary, her record for true justice is strong and clear. As the first female Harris County District Attorney and the only non-handpicked successor to ever serve in this capacity, she has done a remarkable job in changing the reputation of justice in Harris County to honest and fair."

What a self-important fool that this little worm would edit her own Wikipedia entry to reflect her warped sense of reality.

Unknown said...

It proves, "All that's written isn't gold" ( I know glitters ) Self penned Halo's abound when image out weighs the mission

I'm sure the HPOU has lost sleep after reading her rendition of their disdain, despite her PD background, knowing they threw on of their own under the bus.

If all stated there was only "factual" it wouldn't be next in line for a Pulitzer ( that is after B. Hussein Obama gets his ) for best fiction.

-- NOTE: The Novel category was re-named Fiction in 1947.

Working with their office on an issue in the last days of the Lycos reign has been nothing short of a nightmare. Some I hoped Judge Anderson retained at this point in time would, in the end not be missed. Hope for them has been withdrawn.

Anonymous - good investigative reporting.

Unknown said...


You deserve a Pulitzer

"Our Republic and its press will rise or fall together. An able, disinterested, public-spirited press, with trained intelligence to know the right and courage to do it, can preserve that public virtue without which popular government is a sham and a mockery.

A cynical, mercenary, demagogic press will produce in time a people as base as itself. The power to mold the future of the Republic will be in the hands of the journalists of future generations."

-- JOSEPH PULITZER 1847–1911

"A cynical, mercenary, demagogic press" appears to be what we are witnessing these days, sadly.

Anonymous said...

Ah, Leon's last week! Back to Hicksville where he belongs. What a POS.

Unknown said...

To All My Democrat Acquaintances:

Please accept with no obligation, implied or implicit, my best wishes for an environmentally­ conscious, socially responsible, low-stress, non-addictive, gender-neutral celebration of the winter solstice holiday, practiced within the most enjoyable traditions of the religious persuasion of your choice, or secular practices of your choice, with respect for the religious/­secular persuasion and/or traditions of others, or their choice not to practice religious or secular traditions at all. I also wish you a fiscally successful, personally fulfilling and medically uncomplicated recognition of the onset of the generally accepted calendar year 2013, but not without due respect for the calendars of choice of other cultures whose contributions to society have helped make America great. Not to imply that America is necessarily greater than any other country nor the only America in the Western Hemisphere. Also, this wish is made without regard to the race, creed, color, age, physical ability, religious faith or sexual preference of the wishee.

To My Republican Friends & The Keeper of this Blog:

Merry Christmas and a
Happy New Year

Anonymous said...

Leon's last Friday! De-Bubba his office Monday.

Unknown said...

Dear Anonymous:

Your last post borders sick, perverted and twisted.. I kinda like that. (g)

Here's something that may cheer you based on your latest Leon Rant. Enjoy.

Time To Say Goodbye:: Sarah Brightman & Andrea Bocelli

Anonymous said...

Eagle II-
That's a great song by Brightman and Bocelli but totally inappropriate for the matter at hand.

Here is a VERY appropriate link, right down the the musical genre: