Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Eric Devlin on Reasonable Doubt [Updated]

UPDATE:  The disk given to Eric for uploading was damaged which is why the upload did not work.  We are hoping to get a new one and update this post.

I used to be much more diligent about posting Reasonable Doubt episodes on the blog.  However, the long-haired hippie that I used to download the DVDs to VIMEO so that I could put them on the blog has gotten a little lax in recent months.

Luckily, Eric Devlin knows how to do it and hopefully will help me out in the future with it.

This is a great episode with Eric.  Every parent should watch it.

Reasonable Doubt by HCCLA- January 10, 2013 from Attorney Tech Service on Vimeo.


Anonymous said...

It seems the video cuts off, Murray.

Anonymous said...

Seems as though I remember more people involved than just the two people he mentioned.
And, the video cut off.

Franklin Bynum said...

I can't post a video unless you give me a disc, Aggie.

Gig 'Em said...

NCAA Football prediction for the 2013 Season:

The Fightin' Aggies will be ranked #3 pre-season behind #1 AlaBAMA and #2 Ohio State.

The National Championship game will be between undefeated Texas A&M and undefeated Ohio State. Manziel and Company will give A&M a solid win.

AGGIELAND will have it's 1st National Championship title since 1939 when the 11-0 Aggies won the Sugar Bowl.

The Tea Sippers will close the season out of the top 25.

Gig 'Em

Scott C. Pope said...

Damn you Aggies still can't let go of UT? Are ya'll gonna have to move to a conference overseas or move the school out of state to finally stop worrying about what UT does?

Gig 'Em indeed.

Peruna said...

2013 will be the year of the Pony.