Monday, April 22, 2013

Missing in Action Again

As one of my classier commenters pointed out on my last post:
"So post-Lykos, this is just an obituary blog an outlet for your lugubrious lamentions?"
 After looking up what "lugubrious" meant, I decided that although the commenter picked a poor venue to take a pot shot, he was correct.

The blog has been slacking pretty badly lately.

There are a couple of reasons for this.

The main one is that I've been working out of state on a consulting project for this program.  I can't say anything about the details on that, however.  I've been bouncing in and out of town quite a bit lately.  Maintaining a regular practice and working on the road takes up a lot of blog-writing time, just FYI.

Being out of town also means that I haven't been in the position to get a lot of office scoop and gossip lately.

I get comments from time to time regarding complaints about the Anderson Administration.  They pretty much range from griping about the "mean girls" promoted to leadership positions within the office to a lack of decisiveness in making chief promotions last month to the delay in determining what the Administration's policy will be on Pre-Trial Diversions.

Nothing too earth-shattering, in my opinion.  At least not to the degree where I felt it would be worth much of a blog post.

However, you are always free to talk about whatever you want to.

On a side note, yes, I still have this guy.  His name is now Buddy Holly.

My wife was very thrilled for me to go out of town and leave her with a non-housebroken stray dog.

They are bonding in my absence.


Tom said...

Going out of town and leaving your wife with a non-housebroken stray dog. Murray, you must have a serious death wish.
Try something safer like high cliff diving in Mexico or free climbs on Mt. Everest.
Hope to see you again -- alive -- soon.

Anonymous said...

Take the dog out in the yard every 2 hours, give him/her a treat every time he/she does business. Install a screen door with a doggy door in it, the dog will be trained in about 1.5 days. If that doesn't work, they sell doggie diapers at Petsmart.

Anonymous said...

Don't worry you have not missed anything. It is getting worse!

Murray Newman said...

Anon 12:40 A.M.,

I have $10 that says you don't even work there . . . or at least you don't any more.

Anonymous said...

That dog found you, you just didn't know it at the time.

On another note, are you really going to deny that now that lykos is gone you don't give a poop about this blog?