Sunday, September 15, 2013

The Key to Successful Co-Parenting

One of the things I'm proud of in my life is the fact that Luke's mom and I maintain a good friendship and work together in our co-parenting of our son.  One of the keys to that is making sure that both parents do all they can to support the child's relationship with the other parent.  One example is making sure that the kiddo has gotten a present for the other parent's birthday.

For instance . . .

Yep, co-parenting is most successful when both parents do their best to be thoughtful.

Happy birthday, Sylvia!


Anonymous said...

What in the world is that thing??!

Anonymous said...

Pat Lykos when she wakes up in the morning.

A Harris County Lawyer said...

It was a possum that I saw wandering down the street in Sugar Land during daylight hours. Something was seriously wrong with it.

Possums are ugly by design, but this thing was looking rougher than most of them.

Anonymous said...

Common sign of rabies is an Oppossum active in daylight hours since they are nocturnal. Seriously ! Call a vet to confirm my comment.

A Harris County Lawyer said...

Bert, it was a joke!

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:48,

You need to get out of the city more.

I've killed many 'possums day and night. The ugly bastards might be nocturnal but they sure surface a lot in the Texas daylight as well. The females usually have thumb size or better little 'uns hanging all over them at all times.
Nasty, nasty, nasty critters.....almost as vile as their human counter-part mentioned by anon 6:27.

I'll bet Bert never had 'possum pie um ummmmm! Slap yo mama!!!!

Anonymous said...

No seriously, you should have that thing checked for rabies. Do they come out in the daylight? Sure. If they do, does that automatically mean they have rabies? No. But its not the norm for them to come out in the daylight. They're just like skunks in that respect.

A Harris County Lawyer said...

I didn't even get out of the car to take the picture. Are you kidding?

I am cracking up that this is turning into a forum discussion on rabies.

No other post has been able to achieve a consensus ever before now.

But we are all united in the War on Rabid Possums.

Anonymous said...

OMG...this was too funny. I have to concur, it is really great to remain friends. Me and my ex co parented our son. He is now 24 years old and we still do our best to outdo each other. We are now 46 years old. For his last birthday, I sent him a package of depends, herbal "Viagra" from a Asian store off of Bellaire, and that hair color for men. (He lives out of state) I am almost too afraid to check my mail on my birthday.
Great job to the both of you. Luke will always remember how much each of you love him and how much you respect each other.

Just Sayin' said...


The Homeland Security Biometric Optical Surveillance System (BOSS) has confirmed that the vermin photographed is in fact Patsy Possum, daughter of Judge Pat Lykos and Jimmy "Wee Man" Leitner.

Further, the Comical has obtained medical records that confirm Judge Lykos was up to date on her rabies vaccine at the time of Patsy Possum's birth and that Patsy received a rabies booster prior to her escape.

Although possums and trolls are primarily nocturnal, the rabies issue has been rendered moot in this instance.

Further, there has not been a reported case of rabies in Texas possums or trolls since Judge Pat's grandma was bitten by a rabid bat back in 1796 while chasing mice under a bridge in what later devolved into Vidor.

Just Sayin'

Anonymous said...

Any mammal can get rabies. However, the chance of rabies in an opossum is EXTREMELY RARE. This may have something to do with the opossum's low body temperature (94-97? F) making it difficult for the virus to survive in an opossum's body.
It is also next to impossible for an opossum to carry the virus because of the genetics of the animal. Only in extreme cases will animal control test these animals.
--George Jones

Anonymous said...

It's nearly impossible for possums to get rabies. Their body temperature is too low. This one just looks more than a little hungover.

Anonymous said...

Anon 11:20,

Imagine if your mama weaned you on Jack & Coke!

Anonymous said...

I heard Judge Pat was in Aggieland over the weekend and a guest in Tony Buzbee's suite for the Alabama game along with Rick Perry.
Makes you wonder if she'll bring Jim Leitner back as 1st assistant? Regardless, she will find and punish those who speak ill of her. You've been warned!

A Harris County Lawyer said...

Anon 9:44 a.m.,

That's some funny stuff. The only way "Judge Pat" was in Perry's suite was if she was bartending to supplement her retirement.

Perry dislikes her personally and her getting creamed in the 2012 primary like she did isn't going to be making her any more attractive to him.

But keep on dreaming about your revenge plan like the dim-witted Bond villain you seem so determined to be!

Anonymous said...

The only rabies I ever worried about was from MY ex-wife...She is a mammal with low body temp too..

Anonymous said...

9:44, Aka Dr. Know, former judge Pat is not under consideration, you dolt.

Leitner and Bridgwater have reportedly applied for the appointment.

I think we all know how that will work out.

Anonymous said...

Which Ex wife Murray?