Sunday, April 27, 2014

Human Trafficking CLE - May 9th

My friend Amanda Peters asked me to share the following information about an upcoming CLE at South Texas that may be of some interest to both Criminal Defense Attorneys and Prosecutors.

On May 9th at noon, the Just Ethics CLE will be put on by ADA Ann Johnson, Naomi Bang and Amanda Peters.  The focus will be on human trafficking cases and the ethical considerations that surround them.  They will also be talking about prostitution cases when the defendant may be a victim of human trafficking.  They will be covering immigration law and both state and Federal criminal law.

Naomi Bang works as Of Counsel for Foster Quan and is an adjunct at South Texas, where she is also the Director of the Human Trafficking Clinic.  Amanda has taught Human Trafficking classes and published a couple of law review articles on the subject.  Ann Johnson is the Human Trafficking Specialist for the DA's Office.

The CLEs come with lunch and are located on the top floor of the library building.  The cost is $50 for attorneys, but there will be a $35 rate for any government attorneys (DA's offices, Public Defender's offices, U.S. Attorney's office, etc.)


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It's on the 6th floor of the library building at South Texas College of Law. The address of the school is 1303 San Jacinto Street in downtown Houston.

David Ryan said...

More bias, prejudice, and politics from pandering profiteers draped in self-righteousness, who haven't a clue about the real human toll, but keep wanting more dollars to finance the charade of concern. I'll pass on this Vaudeville stunt.

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David Ryan 3:44, must be nice to always be the smartest guy in the room, in your mind at least.