Tuesday, September 1, 2015

An Interesting California Case

For those of y'all that think California is off its rocker when it comes to criminal law, you should read this post today at Fault Lines.


Anonymous said...

An even more interesting case is the Texas Temple Saga. Have you had a chance to read Roe Wilson's response yet?

Gist sounds like he might have dozed off or passed out during his protracted hearing.

Murray Newman said...

Yes. I've read all 80 pages. In the process of writing a blog post on it. Should be out tonight.

I wonder why Brian Rogers and Lisa Falkenberg aren't as interested in Finding # 37 as I am.

Anonymous said...

Agendas are what agendas are, my friend…….the Rogers/Faulkenberg silence speaks for itself.

Schneider/Gotro trying to slide in another blatant misrepresentation @37 actually offended Gist, which speaks even louder.

Also, allow me the priveledge to publicly congratulate Roe Wilson on her attention to detail in an incredible brief!