Thursday, August 11, 2016

Congratulations to Alex Bunin

Congratulations are in order for THE Public Defender, himself, Alex Bunin for being named the winner of the Champion of Public Defense Award by the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers today.  The award is given to the attorney who demonstrates "exceptional efforts in making positive changes to a local, county, state, or national public defense system."

Alex has a lengthy and distinguished career in indigent defense and the Harris County Public Defenders' Office has become yet another one of his many success stories.  As I've said before, when I was leaving the D.A.'s Office, I was petrified of the creation of a Public Defenders' Office and the possibility of available cases drying up.  Alex made sure that the PD's Office was an asset to all defense attorneys practicing in Harris County.  His office routinely puts on CLEs for attorneys and has become an important and respected voice in the CJC.

He's also fielded a team of excellent trial and appellate attorneys who are willing to share their time and expertise with any attorney needing help.

None of this could have developed without Alex's diplomacy and leadership.  He is absolutely deserving of this award, and I'm proud to call him my friend.

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Alex Bunin said...

You are so nice. I had to save several breakfast cereal box tops to redeem that award.