Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Freudian Slip

I received an e-mail today from one of David Temple's attorneys, Romy Kaplan, containing a copy of a motion filed by the Harris County District Attorney's Office today.  The motion, entitled Harris County District Attorney's Amended Motion to Recuse and for Appointment of District Attorney Pro Tem, contained the following pertinent sections:

Now, it is somewhat funny seeing that the Harris County is amending a Motion to Recuse themselves after the original Motion was already granted and new prosecutors appointed.  It's a little bit of "water under the bridge" at this point and I'm not even sure that this Motion has any actual legal bearing.  It would kind of be like me asking to go back and time and claiming that Lykos didn't fire me, because I quit.  

It's a small point.  Obviously the Office was trying to correct the impression that Chief D.A. Investigator Steve Clappart had ever been actually employed by David Temple's defense team.  

Another thing that would have helped them from this impression was, I don't know, NOT STATING IN A LEGAL DOCUMENT THAT STEVE CLAPPART HAD BEEN RETAINED BY TEAM TEMPLE.

But, bygones.  

The Amended Motion goes on to say that an earlier draft of the Motion had inadvertently stated that Clappart was a Temple employee, and that the earlier draft had accidentally been filed by mistake.

Um, okay.  So, at some point early on, the author of the original Motion had been under the belief that Clappart was a Temple employee, but some time later on figured out that he wasn't?  Was there some uncertainty about this somewhere?  I mean, he and his slow-witted friend, John Denholm did accept some Awards on behalf of their work on Temple's defense, and attended the Temple press conference together.

It would seem that in the five months that Kim Ogg had spent "reviewing the Temple case," she might have at least determined whether or not her Chief Investigator was employed by the Defendant.  Seems like kind of a major detail to me, but who am I to judge?

Perhaps it was just a really really humongous Freudian Slip.

NOTE:  Nowhere in the Amended Motion did it mention that Clappart was still actively investigating the Temple case, nor did the District Attorney's Office issue any denials of his ongoing investigation. 


Anonymous said...

Looks to me like Ogg spent as much time reviewing the Temple case as would-be US Attorney in waiting, Rachel Palmer spent working on the case of a serial rapist as detailed in the Chron. But as you say, "bygones."

Anonymous said...

Wow Kaplan whole website seems to be centered around Temple...what's he going to do when he goes back to prison???

Anonymous said...

Oh the tangled webs we weave...........the problem Machiavellian misfits often have is keeping all the lies straight.

If Ogg does not distance herself from Team Temple chop chop her demise will be a shit show of epic proportion.