Tuesday, April 21, 2020

Lucy Forbes for State Bar Director

I know everyone has a lot on their plates with everything going on at the moment, but if you are an attorney reading this, I hope you will take time to vote in the State Bar elections today.

The deadline is at the end of the month and the ballot is very short.  It literally takes less than a minute to vote and you can do it by clicking on this link:  https://www.esc-vote.com/SBOT/default.asp?L3=email

You should have received an e-mail about voting in the race that included your Voter Authorization Number (VAN), but if you can't find that e-mail, the above link will locate it for you.  Just please take the time to vote.

I don't normally pay too much attention to the State Bar elections, but in this race, I wanted to ask you to vote for my friend, Lucy Forbes, who is running for District Four, Place Four on the Texas State Bar Board of Directors.

Although Lucy primarily practices in the Civil Appellate field of law, she has spent the past months reaching out to those of us who practice Criminal Law in an effort to learn the issues that we face in our line of work.  She is Baylor Law School graduate who has been practicing for 21 years.  She has listened at length and has a strong desire to help fix those problems that we may have.  She definitely wants to make sure that the State Bar is more responsive to the needs and issues that the Criminal Bar faces.

I wholeheartedly recommend Lucy based on her years of experience, her enthusiasm, and her work ethic.  She is someone who is here to help and we would all benefit from having her on the Board of Directors.

Her opponent is a member of Kim Ogg's upper administration, and that's the only comment I will make about that.

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She got my vote!