Saturday, July 26, 2008


Our condolences go out to Harris County's First Assistant District Attorney, Bert Graham, on the loss of his father, Herbert Graham, this week. The Houston Chronicle wrote an article about Mr. Graham, and he sounded like an amazing man. It is always incredible to hear about couples that were married for 71 years. That's just astounding to me.

Bert has had a rough past couple of months. His brother passed away in December, quickly followed by the scandals of the Office, and his parents' ill health. In the middle of all this, he took over as leader of the District Attorney's Office and guided the prosecutors through a pretty tumultuous time until Ken Magidson took over.

This whole year Bert has exhibited grace under pressure and been a good leader at the same time.

Bert, your dad sounded like an incredible man.

I bet he was pretty damn proud of his son, too.


Anonymous said...

Bert is a wonderful person and we are lucky to have him at the office.

Anonymous said...

I had the opportunity to attend the services for Bert's father last Friday.

Bert delivered a poignant eulogy -- very Bert-esque, for those of you who are privileged to know him. I walked away wondering if I would have the same emotional fortitude, poise, and strength of character were I in his shoes... standing before a crowd of people, offering a loving tribute to one of my own family members. It didn't take long for me to decide I probably wouldn't.

We are all so sorry for your loss, Bert. I hope you know your friends are here if you need us.