Sunday, September 14, 2008

Bert's E-mail Regarding Work Tomorrow

For those of you who can't access your work e-mail or don't have a BlackBerry (c'mon and join the 21st Century folks), Bert Graham sent the following e-mail out to all DA Employees:

Regarding tomorrow (Monday), Ken asked me to tell you :

If you are essential employee (Ken has designated as Intake and the 10 prosecutors who have already volunteered to handle Judge Stricklin’s general docket for all courts, and some IST people) you must come to work at the CJC.

All others may take vacation , comp, or if you have none of those you can be docked OR you can work at home only under the following conditions:

If you already have office work at home you may work on it at home.
If you have no work at home you may come to the office Monday morning and gather work and take it home and work at home.

Dress code: Those at CJC who are working a docket should wear Court attire; others can wear “Casual Friday” attire.

Any questions, call Intake.

Thanks – Bert.


Anonymous said...

absolutely awesome plan of how to communicate with your employees....i love the fact that the only way you can get info is to "call into intake"....and you bashed people for not having

Anonymous said...

Department issued Blackberrys sounding like a good idea right now... I love how dress code is even a topic of conversation right now. Hope everyone is safe.

Anonymous said...

Horrible example of office communication in an emergency. Something as basic as a telephone tree would have been helpful.

Thomas Hobbes said...

What isn't readily apparent is that Blackberrys were next to useless for most of the critical period.