Sunday, September 14, 2008

Notice to D.A. Employees (UPDATED)

Apparently Judge Don Stricklin is asking for 10 felony District Court Chiefs (or above) to report to intake tomorrow at 8 a.m. dressed for court (NOTE: Not real excited about the "dressed for court" part). They are needed to do emergency PIA.

Alma Martinez is currently at intake trying to get volunteers to comply with Judge Stricklin's request. If you read this and can help, give her a call at Intake.

The official word at the moment is that no one is required to be there tomorrow if they don't have to be, but unless something changes, you will need to take comp time or vacation time if you do not go in. This may change, but the Commissioners keep acting like there are other important things going on and haven't really discussed this particular issue.

The bottom line is that the Commissioners and other higher up county officials are up to their eyeballs in disaster relief, and probably the last thing on their minds at the moment is whether or not to give county employees the day off. Ken Magidson doesn't have the power to promise a paid day off to his employees until the Commissioners tell him to do so. So, he's in the unenviable position of having to tell everyone that they have to come in tomorrow (unless you want to take vacation or comp).

So, therefore, the official position at the moment is that employees have to come in tomorrow.

If I get any more updates, I will post them here.

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Anonymous said...

Comp time it is! I've got more than enough these days...