Humor in the Holdover

The following conversation may or may not have taken place today with one of my clients:

CLIENT: I can't do that [amount of time]. I would be 36 by the time I got out, and my life would be over.

ME: Um, I'm 36.


Michael said…
This reminds me of an old apocryphal story of a sentencing hearing in Judge Mace Thurman's court in Austin (or other judge, in other jurisdiction, as you prefer), in which the balding, just-past-middle age defendant has been convicted of his umpteenth burglary or theft and Judge Thurman sentences him to sixty years in prison. The defendant protests "Judge, I don't have sixty years left in me", to which Thurman replies "Well, just do the best you can."
Anonymous said…
I've never commented before, but that is too funny, considering I'll turn 35 about when I take the bar.
Anonymous said…
Being almost 38 I was informed the other day By my 14 yo son. "At least your not as old as pawpaw". To which my 10 yo said " really"
Anonymous said…
so apparently your life is over lol
Jason said…
Maybe he should have thought of that before he did what he did to get charged.

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