Lykos on Diversity

Well, we're a little over a month and a half into the Lykos Administration and it doesn't look like there has been much ground gained in making the Office "the best in the Nation" as promised by Pat in her campaign.

-members of the Defense Bar are still anxiously awaiting their copies of offense reports. We keep being told that they are coming!
-the A.D.A.'s are being told that the budget has already been expended.
-the morale within the Office continues to plummet.
-Lykos is spending a large amount of time in the basement parking garage smoking like a chimney while forcing her staff to come with her to talk business.
-the Office is hemorrhaging money having to pay for special prosecutors to handle every case where Jim Leitner or Clint Greenwood acted as defense attorneys.
-the investigator that Lykos brought in to act as her personal chauffeur for her county vehicle has apparently already wrecked said county ride.

But of all the things that Lykos has failed to accomplish or screwed up thus far, one of the most interesting broken campaign promises that I've seen thus far is her definition of "diversity" regarding personnel within the Office.

First of all, for those of you who don't understand how the Hierarchy Flow Chart works within the Office, here's the thumbnail sketch for the higher positions -

1. Elected District Attorney
2. First Assistant
3. Bureau Chiefs (approximately 5 or 6 of them)
4. Division Chiefs (approximately 20 or so of them)
5. District Court Chiefs (approximately 40 or so of them)
6. District Court Twos (approximately 60 or so of them)

Granted, the Office was not exactly all that incredibly diverse when Lykos was coming in. There were two African-American Division chiefs, one Hispanic Division chief, and one Hispanic District Court Chief (and no African-American Chiefs). If I recall correctly, there was one Hispanic District Court Two, and two African-American District Court Twos.

The Office definitely needed some more diversity in it, and Lykos vowed that she would bring it.

Let's see how she did.

Well, she started right off the bat by not renewing the contract of one of the two African-American Division Chiefs, Joe Owmby (for reasons that are still beyond me), and she moved one of the two African-American District Court Twos out of the Trial Bureau entirely because she had dared to support Clarence Bradford during the campaign.

After finishing up with her firings, demotions, and transfers, Lykos was given the opportunity to promote seven District Court Two's to the level of District Court Chief. She picked seven excellent candidates to be promoted, and I think every last one of them deserved to be made chief. Every last one of them, however, was Caucasian and about as diverse as the Brady Bunch.

Of those promoted to Felony Two, I am unaware of any promotions made that would have made the flow chart look a little more diverse, but I could be wrong about that.

Now, keep in mind, when it comes to promotions from within the Office, Lykos didn't really have a whole lot of diversity to choose from when she was moving folks up the ranks. There weren't too many senior Felony Two's who were African-American (other than the one Lykos moved out of the Trial Bureau).

If Lykos was going to get a jump-start on making the Office a more diverse place, she was going to have to do it with her lateral hires and the folks that she brought in to form her Bureau and Division Chiefs. These would be the folks that she could hand pick to be her Upper Administration, and she was certainly not shy about picking political cronies and old friends -- surely she could make some space for some other folks as well.

But as Lykos was building her Gang that Couldn't Shoot Straight, there was about as much diversity as a Mississippi Country Club in the 1960s. With the exception of former-Judge Hannah Chow (who is Asian-American) becoming the Public Services and Infrastructure Bureau Chief, every last person that Pat Lykos has brought into the Office on lateral hires has been of the Caucasian Persuasion.

From Jim Leitner all the way down to Mark Bennett's favorite Lateral Hire to everyone in between, I'm failing to see any steps towards diversity.

So, at the final count, under the Lykos Administration, we now have one African-American Division Chief, one Hispanic Division Chief, one Asian-American Bureau Chief, zero African-American District Court Chiefs, and one Hispanic District Court Chief.

That's not sounding all that diverse to me.

And, oh, by the way, the one Hispanic District Court Chief turned in her resignation on Monday.


Anonymous said…

Great post, you have gotten back to what has made your post what it is. I also appreciate that you back your argument up with facts; unlike some of the commenter’s within your posts.

However, even before Lykos, I thought the office did a good job trying to hire minorities. I can count a handful from 05-07 that were hired but either couldn't cut it, or left on their own. I would be interested to see the hiring stats under Chuck and see how diverse the initial pool was.

Also, it should be noted that prior to Lykos, the DA's office hired a larger portion of minorities compared to the overall percentage of minorities licensed to practice law.

But - as you have pointed out, that doesn't change the FACTS that Lykos brought in her all white (with the exception of Hannah) crew to run things.

And you could blog for hours about her budget being gone (how does she expect to pay for all the paper and copiers for the new OR copying) and good job on hoping to hire paralegals without the commissioners court approval.

I look forward to the comments on this one.....
Anonymous said…
How does one spend the entire year's budget less than two months into the term? I assume the year starts in September, so we are about half way through, but there's no excuse to blow through that much money. Of course, Comissioner's Court has no option but to cough up the extra bucks.
Anonymous said…
As a felony two, I can't tell you how upset I am that a county court chief is making more than I am. This person brags about how much she makes after having left Montgomery County. That is what happened to the budget. All of this cronyism (sp?) and now we can't hire people. People are paid in slots they shouldn't be paid. C'mon, 100k to be a Misd. Chief. I sure wish someone would do an open record request (from outside) to check and see who is getting paid what but I don't find it fair at all. I am here trying the toughest cases, working 10 to 12 hour days, and a county court chief is making more than me? Not to mention the person from Galveston who was a family friend of the Leitners.

Look, I like my job and haven't been affected much by the change, but these unfair payouts really upset me. Stick that chief in my role at least? What gives here?
Anonymous said…
Where is the media on any of these issues? I think it is INCREDIBLY important to the taxpayers that their dollars are being spent to replace Lykos' defense attorney cronies now working at the DA's office. Ummm, did she not see that one coming when she decided to bring them in? Is she really unable to drive her own car? Is her investigator really unable to drive it either?

And what about the new misdemeanor hires that are supposedly making more than the current chiefs in misdemeanor? Touch on that some Murray, we know you have the dirt...
Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
Murray, could you get the pay for the different prosecutors. Although Pat has been nothingless than the rumors that preceded her, I have a hard time believing a misd chief is making as much as a felony? If true, I would love an explanation as to why these inequities exist.
Anonymous said…
Murray, I usually find your posts to be over critical with a hint of sour grapes but I will have to agree with you on the diversity issue. Handpicking some of the staff gave Lykos a chance to even things out a little in the diversity department and no one can argue that she has fallen short.
Murray Newman said…
I don't know anything about the pay differences for prosecutors. I do think it would be worthwhile for somebody from a media agency to look into, especially considering the rumored budget shortfall.

As far as Don McWilliams coming after me, I can't say I'm too concerned about that, because I haven't done anything wrong.
Anonymous said…
Justbecause you're not paranoid doesn't mean that you didn't do something wrong...or something like that.:)
Anonymous said…
If Chief Investigator means chaufer then the question becomes how long does McWilliams continue to be her taxi. Also, does the queen really need to be driven everÝwhere? Is her ego that big? Shouldn't our chief investigator be working on cases and not waste his time trolling that wench around. By the way, McWilliams was a jailer, don't worry about him inestigating you.
Murray Newman said…
McWilliams isn't the chauffeur for Lykos, but my understanding is that an investigator was hired at "Level 2" which means that he is being paid a base salary of $80,000 to be driving her around. I never knew of the elected D.A. to have a driver prior to Lykos. I'm not really sure why she needs one.
I wonder if even if the best limo driver to the Hollywood stars makes $80,000.
Anonymous said…
The County's fiscal year begins March 1. Commissioners Court will approve the 2009 budget at the first court meeting in March.
Michael said…
I have to respond to the idea that Lykos has not done enough to promote diversity in her office. I am perhaps the rare liberal who sees little or no value in diversity for diversity's sake, stands to the right of Theodore Olson on affirmative action (it is never useful, and it's inarguably unconstitutional), and the Lykos hires described in this post don't disturb me. She non-renewed Owmby, a Division Chief, and judging by your hierarchal chart that's a job that shouldn't be political; that decision troubles me but I'm not sure it was racially motivated (didn't Owmby support one of her opponents, like the female black DCIIs out of the trial bureau? Then she promoted seven white attorneys to chiefs, but they were all qualified as you said. Was she supposed to promote seven less qualified minorities? That does no one any favors. It foments resentment (read: kills morale) among bitter whites and feeds the impression that the minorities don't deserve their position. The case you make for lateral hires is stronger, but the real place to increase diversity has to be at the entry level, IMHO.
Anonymous said…
You mean Sylvia is leaving? Why? I know you know. Can you say why?
Anonymous said…

If you found out that Lykos is paying people more than their slot value because they were "her friends"? How do you think that should be handled? I am talking about the prosecutors above who are upset because people expereince wise and position wise are making more money than they are despite the amount of work associated with each role. If true, what are your thoughts?
Murray Newman said…
Anon 9:44 p.m.,
Yes, Sylvia is leaving the Office, and yes, I know why. However, she has asked me not to say anything about her reasons for leaving at this time, and I will respect that.

No matter how much I REALLY REALLY want to talk about her reasons for leaving.
Michael said…
Anon 9:58 p.m.: If what you say is correct, I'd find that offensive. I don't see that being related to diversity, though; it's cronyism. How to handle it?! About the only way it can be handled is at the 2012 ballot box. There's a First Amendment cause of action for basing hiring decisions on political affiliation, but because political affiliation is a permissible criterion for some jobs, it's risky to predict how any particular suit would come out. I think the best thing is for AHCL to keep blawgging about the Harris County District Chimney who's never tried a criminal case.
Anonymous said…
Welcome back Murray, I missed you.
Do you think Lykos will have a Tom Daschle issue when she fails to report her chauffeured county ride to the IRS?
I think a blog listing liar Lykos' broken campaign promises compared to promises kept would be interesting. Your moles along with an open records request would go a long way in support of a well documented expose on the fiasco at HCDA. BTW, what do you think about all the plea downs and the frustration law enforcement is voicing in that regard?
The Rule of Law has no place in the new pathetically ironic.
Anonymous said…
Is it true that Warren Dipraam is leaving for Montgomery County? If so, why would someone do that? Could that be considered a reflection of the internal strife at the DA's Office? As an insider Murray, will you disect this move for us (MADD) and Warren worshipers. We are shocked.... Is the pay better in Montgomery County?
Murray Newman said…
Anon 3:42,
I have heard the Warren is going to going to Montgomery County. Although I'm not certain about the pay issues, I would be surprised if they could match the salary of a senior chief (as Warren is), especially when coupled with the extra money he made working intake shifts.
However, I haven't talked to Warren about his reasons so I don't want to speculate about them. He's my former chief and a good friend, and I wish him and his family the very best in the new job.
Anonymous said…
Judge Ed Emmett (Pat's old boss) also has a driver, a sheriff's deputy who doubles as his body guard.
Why are the county's ruling elite getting protection from this praetorian guard of peace officers?
Who's next? Tax Assessor/Collector?
Anonymous said…
Incompetent lateral hires making more than Felony 2s, blowing through the fiscal budget, 0800 rule , the OR fiasco, and now losing some of our nationally recognized prosecutors. At first it felt like the office was in a steady decline, now it feels like we are in a complete freefall...
Anonymous said…
Do not forget, she also did not renew the contract of the only Jewish division chief in the office, Vic Wisner. More diversity at work no doubt.
Anonymous said…
I find that Lykos spinning the loss of Warren Diepraam as if she was getting rid of the old regime incredibly dishonest. I sure would like to know the reason he quit?
Anonymous said…
Good for Warren. I bet MADD in Montgomery Co is happy as well. In fact, MADD should just be happy statewide that Warren did not cross over and become a defense attorney. With his experience and credentials, he could make large money defending drunken drivers.

It is not so unusual for ADA's to leave large offices for smaller ones. Take Williamson County, for instance, where many of the folks are Harris County exes.

I could easily see why Warren would take a paycut. No more L and L but you still get to be a prosecutor. Much better living conditions in Montgomery County. Much less traffic means more time spent with your family and enjoying life. In most cases, the family and kids get a big upgrade in safety, quality of living and schools.

But I guess the main thing is, no more L and L. That's gotta be worth $10-20k a year.

Murray Newman said…
I agree with you that the lure of a smaller county has a lot of appeal. Back when I first came to Harris County, I thought I would do my three year commitment with Harris County and then come back home to Brazos County to be a prosecutor. There is a lot to be said for a slower-paced lifestyle.
I imagine that Warren will be too diplomatic to say why he actually left HCDA (especially considering the fact that he will be going to work for another D.A.'s office). But if Lykos starts acting like this was somehow a "good thing" for the Office, she's on crack.
Anonymous said…
Lykos was heard saying that Warren was part of Chuck's regime and the house cleaning is not complete. She is making it sound like he had not choice but to leave.
Murray Newman said…
Lykos is full of it.

This should come as a surprise to no one.

Although sometimes controversial, Warren was a nationally recognized expert in dealing with Intoxication offenses. I'm sure his resignation a month a half into her tenure is humiliating for her, as is the departure of Chief Sylvia Escobedo. She has to say these stupid things to cover for the fact that she and the Gang Who Couldn't Shoot Straight are running off talented and senior prosecutors.

Several years ago, I tried an incredibly difficult Intoxication Manslaughter case and I specifically asked Warren to sit with me on it because he was simply the best at those kind of cases. I couldn't have gotten a guilty verdict on it without his expertise. If Lykos somehow thinks losing Warren is good for the Office, she's insane.
Anonymous said…
Supposedly, one of the reasons Warren is leaving is that Lykos cut a federal grant for his program.
Anonymous said…
On what authority could she cut a federal grant? It's not her money and if she re-directs it she is breaking federal law.
Anonymous said…
Diversity for diversity sake is always a mistake. If the current administration had brought in minority attorneys and placed them in top positions they were unqualified to hold, I have little doubt the local blogosphere would be lined up in opposition to such a foolish approach. On this issue it appears she is damned if she does, and damned if she doesn't.

From what I have seen, I think the office does a good job trying to hire minority applicants. Unfortunately there is a very limited pool of qualified minority applicants for the challenging job of being an assistant district attorney. More problematic is the reality that the DA's office competes with higher paying civil law firms who also want "diversity" among their ranks.

I suppose the office could begin hiring less qualified minority applicants over more qualified white applicants. But that hardly seems fair, good for the office, or good for the citizens of Harris County. This issue is less about the Lykos administration, and more about a shortage of qualified minority applicants.
Anonymous said…
Warren spoke to a number of HPD Officers (myself included) this past Thursday and Friday. He told us that he was headed to Montgomery County. We assumed he must be getting an increase in salary and have been told he is actually taking a paycut. He was very diplomatic and did not say anything bad about the new administration.

From our perspective, this is just another piece of bad news that is coming from the DA's office. We were talking after a meeting about all the DA's who told us to get out on the streets and make sure we voted for Kelly Siegler. We didn't understand how important the DA is compared to say the poice chief. Now we know. There is complete apathy at the DA's office. Cases aren't being handled the way they were. We don't get the calls to do the extra stuff anymore. Rarely do the prosecutors meet with us before trial. Most of the prosecutors we deal with appear to be thinking more about their exit strategy. I must say, I didn't think one person could make such a difference.

Has the office had any internal meetings, or conference or done anything to address the direction it is headed? Why didn't they step up and offer Warren a higher pay spot? I can tell you this, nobody is going to be able to replace what Warren brings to the table. He not only oversees prosecutors, he has been instrumental in reshaping the mentality of our department. He has the respect of our leaders and can assist us when we need equipment or to get things done.

All I can say to the prosecutors who read this is that I apologize for not doing more to get Kelly into office. You are right, you told me so.

Congrats to Montgomery County, you all should be thankful about the asset you are getting and thankful you have leadership that can entice such an asset.
Anonymous said…
Anon 3:27
"There is complete apathy at the DA's office. Cases aren't being handled the way they were. We don't get the calls to do the extra stuff anymore. Rarely do the prosecutors meet with us before trial. Most of the prosecutors we deal with appear to be thinking more about their exit strategy."

Gimme a break.
Holy blanket statements, Batman!
Anonymous said…
Anon 6:41,

Point taken. I should not have been so broad. There are many who care but there is such a difference. I just don't think I articulated it appropriately. Wouldn't you agree with me there is a change in mentality? From an officer that regularly is down at intake and testifies, I can tell you there is a more than noticeable difference. Do you disagree? And how would you describe it?
Anonymous said…
Montgomery County doesn't realize what they are getting, an unstable prosecutor. The fact that Warren is leaving isn't a loss. People, give the new DA a chance. It has only been 7 weeks. I supported Kelly, but it is time for everyone to stand back from the edge of the cliff and take a breath. Mistakes will be made, but that would have been true of Bradford or Siegler. There is a learning curve with every job.
Anonymous said…
ANON 9:20,
True, there is a learning curve in any new job. Notwithstanding, the troll really doesn't give a shit about learning a damn thing to be even a good DA. She merely likes the image of being DA and the perks. Lykos could care less about the office unless it reflects poorly on her, period. Give her a pack of Marlboros and a clueless captive audience and the bitch is in nirvana. It will take 15-20 years to rebuild the HCDA after Leitner/Lykos decimate it.
What a blown opportunity we had with Kelly.....unfuckingbelievable.
As for Warren, he left with class as evidenced by his speech last Friday.....all the officers were saddened by his departure.
ANON 12:02,
I agree diversity for the mere sake of diversity is insane.....but that was the troll's campaign pledge. Telling isn't it?
Anonymous said…
I'm sure all those charged with crimes or the families of victims will take comfort in knowing that there is a learning
Anonymous said…
Either Alan Bernstein and Brian Rogers quit reading your "toxic" blog or they truly are pussies on a short leash. Perhaps they're worried about being part of the rumored Houston Chronicle's additional 10% layoff slated for next month if they man up and report with journalistic integrity what is really going on at HCDA. The law abiding public would be incensed to learn what has happened to their local criminal justice system. Regardless, there's no one left to stop the hemorrhaging anyway so I guess they could argue "why bother".
Anonymous said…
Did you say Warren is unstable and give the poster child of instability a chance? Yeah, 7 weeks, 7 weeks of disaster.
Anonymous said…
I have come to learn that certain prosecutors and investigators not only have government cars provided for them during work hours but also get to take these vehicles home at the end of the day. That these select Harris County District Attorney employees are able to use these vehicles on their off time for personal business and pleasure. Further, that the Harris County tax payers provide for all the gas, maintenance and insurance for said "county rides". That this practice has gone on for years and that "Transparent Pat" has even recently purchased new county vehicles for her pet employees with our limited tax dollars during these trying economic times. I thought she was going to clean up the "Culture of Corruption" not augment it.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous 9:20 I hope Warren files a lawsuit to unmask your IP and sues your sorry ass for your unstable remark.

Warren, and I don't know him well and am not personal friends with him, is a nationally recognized asset in his area, as is Richard Alpert in Fort Worth.

On second thought 9:20, maybe Warren should just kick your ass.
Anonymous said…
Anon 1:39

DA's who get take home cars pay their own insurance on the cars and are not supposed to drive them for personal use. But yes, it is ridiculous that people get take home cars yet all your Felony #2's and #3's don't even get parking paid for and most spend about $1000 a year so they can park to then go to work.

Doesn't make any sense to me.
Anonymous said…
Since when were county cars part of a "culture of corruption"? Wow. It's hard to even respond to a comment that silly and uninformed.
Anonymous said…
A comparative evaluation of the "pre Rosenthal meltdown" flow chart with a current Leitner/Lykos flow chart would be revealing with respect to qualifications, diversity and pay grade.
The objective failures of "Tom & Jerry" seem indefensible and
Anonymous said…
Warren and Sylvia et al should file lawsuits.
Racism and retaliatory malice by government officials must not be tolerated.
There is now a clear and convincing pattern of official oppression and abuse of process that trumps a right to work defense.
Anonymous said…
ANON 9:42,
How is an all expense paid take home car necessary or appropriate for an ADA or investigator. I'm sure Chuck's old secretary would agree with you that it's cool; but I, as a tax payer, am offended by it. Should all county employees have expense free take home cars or just a select few?
Maybe the next federal "stimulus" package will give us all free cars!
Yours truly,
Silly and Uninformed
Anonymous said…
anons 1:39,8:45 and 9:42,
Why not have a pool fleet of cars to be restricted to official county business that are checked in and out but never taken home. The savings on gas, maintenance and depreciation would more than pay for all HCDA employee parking expenses. That would be a much more equitable and nondiscriminatory use of county resources.
Of course Patricia would still retain her much deserved chauffeured ride.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Warren and Sylvia et al should file lawsuits.
Racism and retaliatory malice by government officials must not be tolerated.
There is now a clear and convincing pattern of official oppression and abuse of process that trumps a right to work defense.

February 24, 2009 1:42 PM

Are you smoking crack or something? Do you even know what the terms abuse of process and official oppression mean? Or did you just pick out some legal phrases that sounded good and throw them out there? Because neither of them could, in any remotely conceivable manner, apply to Lykos and her employer - employee relationship with either Warren or Sylvia. Furthermore, Warren and Sylvia have only the "rights" outlined in their employment contracts. If Lykos terminated them in violation of their contracts, they would have a cause of action. If she fired them because of racial prejudice or some other form of prohibited discrimination, they would be able to sue. However, they both resigned. Knowing both Sylvia and Warren, I find it highly unlikely that either of them was coerced or intimidated into anything. They have both been around for a while and perhaps they, like most of us old timers, just cannot stand Pat Lykos, so they quit. I certainly hope that the author of this moronic post is not an attorney, because you are a total moron.
Anonymous said…
Anonymous non civil atty 1914:
We'll just have to wait and see.
Until then,
Anonymous said…
Anon 714,
If your bravado is to be believed it sounds like the former Federal Judge, Sam Kent, should've hired you instead of the renowned Dick Deguerin.
But then again, maybe you're the crackhead after all.
Life after Esq. said…
Do you know what Lycos has done to blow through the budget so fast?
Murray Newman said…
I've heard different reasons for the budget going overboard so quickly. Part of it is the fact that the D.A.'s Office is having to foot the bill for Special Prosecutors to try cases where Greenwood and Leitner had previously been the defense attorneys.
I've also heard that Lykos let her upper administration folks bring in their own adminstrative assistants at high salaries, which helped deplete the budget. Also, some of the paychecks for accrued vacation and comp time for those of us who weren't rehired also took a chunk out of the budget, as well.
I heard from one source that the investigator that she brought in as her driver has an $80,000 salary. If she is handing money out like that then she should have been aware that she would run out of it quickly.
Michael said…
Nothing like a flame war between two anonymous commenters to make me want to stick a gun in my mouth. One of you grow a penis, or better yet just STFU.
Anonymous said…
Hey angry trial dodger 714,
Get your panties out of a wad and go plea down a case that intimidates you. Whew!!!! I hope that meets your arbitrary standard of judgmental arrogance.
A fair number of us around the courthouse know that many of the terminations, resignations and demotions at the crumbling DA's office are much more than merely suspect. Whether or not one of your peers files a cause of action that you disagree with is their right. Class action and individual lawsuits involving employment law, discrimination and official oppression are not as simplistic as you imagine them to be.
Anonymous said…
do you think there is any real chance of the honorable lykos actually limiting county rides to official business and using the resultant surplus to cover everyone's parking? that might go a long way to build up morale among us cash strapped baby prosecutors and the voters would give her a gold star.
Anonymous said…
Why do all these elected County Officials think that they rate a driver? The DA, the County Judge, the Sheriff; all have drivers.
jigmeister said…
It would be a good idea to limit the use of county cars to those that really need them. The average division chief doesn't need a car. When he does, ie. visiting a scene or responding to a police shooting, he rides with an investigator. I should know, I did it for years. It's a perk of the job that could be used to provide free parking to the whole staff.

But if you go that far, go all the way, Bureau Chiefs, the 1st Assistant and the DA have even less reason to have a county car.

The investigators have a valid reason for the cars, but few others do. Kinda surprised the county has put up with it as long as it has, but I guess that's because most of the county divisions have the same circumstance and no one wants to give up the perk.
Anonymous said…
As a black attorney reading this post I have so much to say I cannot type it all. But bottom line, minority does not equal less qualified. For people to jump to that conclusion even though it was never mentioned by Murray shows why we need diversity. I hope all of you find yourself in a situation one day where you walk into a room and no one there looks like you. It is a weird feeling.
I can’t tell you how times I have been asked for my bar card in Harris county courts. It’s not my attire, so what is it? Will diversity help this maybe so. If the only interaction you have with minorities is when you take a plea that is a problem. Diversity is important. If you don’t think that is, tell me how you would you feel if Pres. Obama appointed nothing but black people to his cabinet?
This is what the Attorney General meant when he said America is a nation of cowards when it comes to race. How can people forget that just over 50 years ago minorities had to get soldiers to escort them to school? My dad was chased home from school by whites for being black. Thank God he did not teach me that all white people are bad. But you don’t understand affirmative action. Minorities were stopped from trying to start the race with everyone else and now that white people have a head start then it’s wrong to help others that were held back. There are minorities alive today that teach their kids that they can’t grow up and get certain jobs because white people will not let them. Why do they do this because that was there experience? I wish some of you could hang out with me and just see things as I do. Just for the record I don’t believe in affirmative action but I understand why it is there and I don’t have a better solution. Also I don’t support the NAACP and other race based organizations because I believe they divide people. We have to come together and interact with one another, and then we will see that minorities are no different than anyone else. For people on facebook look at your friends how many friends do you have of a different race? Please don’t reply to my post about my spelling errors or grammar. I am sleepy and I have been helping my kids with their homework all evening and I don’t feel like making corrections. I hope that even if you don’t agree with me you at least think about my rant. Murray thanks for the post.
Anonymous said…
murray, I am a police officer and live in conroe. we are proud of the harris county DA OFFICE having everyone leaving and coming up to montgomery county to work up here. we have several ex harris county employees working up here. we thank lykos for sending them here from the citizens up north on I45
Anonymous said…
ANON 10:18,
You made excellent points.
Diversity leads to understanding and appreciation not only for racial differences but for human commonality. It is a shame how race is often politicized for personal gain. Lykos' lily white agenda flies in the face of her campaign promises. But then again her whole persona is a misrepresentation. Hate breeds hate and Lykos is the poster child...look how she treats Leitner for God's sake.
Anonymous said…
ANON 10:18,
You made excellent points.
Diversity leads to understanding and appreciation not only for racial differences but for human commonality. It is a shame how race is often politicized for personal gain. Lykos' lily white agenda flies in the face of her campaign promises. But then again her whole persona is a misrepresentation. Hate breeds hate and Lykos is the poster child...look how she treats Leitner for God's sake.
Anonymous said…
Anon 2/24 7:14 wrote
...However, they both resigned. Knowing both Sylvia and Warren, I find it highly unlikely that either of them was coerced or intimidated into anything...

Perhaps YOU are the one smoking crack. You clearly don't know anything about employment law, nor do you know about the reasons two devoted prosecutors would leave the only job they have held since law school.

OR, perhaps you do know the truth, and your post is a piss poor attempt to divert people from what's really going on at the DAs office.

There is something bad going on at that place for 33 years of prosecutorial experience to walk out the door in the same week. These two ADAs were what people would call "lifers." Apparently, what was happening couldn't be stomached by the lifers. That should tell you something.
Anonymous said…
Anon 651,
All these false rumors about Pat being arbitrary, mean, clueless and void of litigation skills are baseless.
In fact, don't be surprised when she starts personally trying cases with the troops in a gentler more understanding style. Hands on leadership by example is what Pat is all about.
Not only is Pat a pleasure to work for but she is also doing a wonderful job purging the widespread corruption and inept lawyering at the DA's office that had been tolerated for far too long.
The "lifers" that are now gone were either quitters or too dysfunctional to rehabilitate and hence simply part of the old arrogant corrupt regime that refused to accept the rule of law along with constructive criticism. Pat and Jimmy are cleaning house and working hard to modernize an ancient inefficient system that was simply broken.
The defense attorneys will be given their offense reports post haste and the work environment will soon reflect a more amiable relationship with the alleged crooks and their legal representatives.
How about considering ethical diversity in the discussion. Pat sure has brought on personnel with high moral and ethical standards that, along with extraordinary cutting edge trial skills, will go a long way in bringing the DA's office up to speed with the rest of the nation.
Harris County will now, thanks to Pat and Jimmy, finally be able to shed its once disgraceful reputation as the death penalty capital of the nation and instead be known as the county that cares for its elderly and feral animal populations.
Murray Newman said…
Anon 5:11,
Your post is so clueless that I don't even know where to begin.
Calling prosecutors like Warren Diepraam and Sylvia Escobedo "quitters" shows how little you know about the Office. Pat Lykos is nothing more than a politician who is riding out the ideas of others for her own personal gain. Your description of her as a "pleasure to work for" only illustrates that you have never worked for her.
She doesn't have the first clue about how to do her job and she is an insult to those who have dedicated their lives to doing the job that she only wanted because she is a politician.
I can't decide if your post is more amusing or sad.
I'll have to get back to you on that one.
Anonymous said…
I thought my satirical rant was obvious. My bad. The bitch did come through with ORs, notwithstanding.
ANON 5:11
Murray Newman said…
Sorry Anon 7:53,
I did totally miss that you were being satirical in your post. Having worked at numerous polling locations for Kelly Siegler's campaign and running into some of Lykos' more stringent supporters, your satirical post actually sounded exactly like the stuff they would say about their dear Snookems. I thought it was real.
Sorry for the misunderstanding!
Anonymous said…
The only thing real about Snookem's blue hairs are the adverse consequences of their delusions.
Speaking of delusional adverse consequences, when do you think littleman Leitner will have his meltdown? What a pussy and a liar he turned out to be.

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