Ed Gonzalez for District H

On June 13th, there will be a special election for District H City Councilman which has my friend, Ed Gonzalez as a candidate in the run off.

Ed is a City of Houston Homicide Sergeant who grew up in District H and has dedicated his life to public service. He has a very impressive biography that details his care and commitment to his fellow neighbors and his community. His dedication will serve the City of Houston very well if he is elected to the City Council.

As we all know (unfortunately), run off elections don't generate much attention or turnout which can lead to really bad results in elections sometimes.

Please do everything in your power to make sure it doesn't happen this time. Check out Ed's website and go vote!


Roger Chappell said…
Ed is by far the most qualified person in the race for district H. His character is beyond reproach. I do not live in District H, but I have walked many neighborhoods for him and really believe in his abilities. If you live in District H, please go vote for Ed Gonzalez. Do not let this be another race we regret later on because we were too busy to take 20 minutes our of our day to go vote. By the way, the 20 minutes includes getting dressed, driving to the poling location, and actually casting your vote.
Unknown said…
You may know Ed as Homicide Investigator or as a Hostage Negotiator. I have sat next to Ed in life and death situations and know that he is the best person on the ballot that is qualified for the job as City Councilman. Ed will hit the ground running from day one.

J.C. Padilla
Anonymous said…
You can early vote in the Administration Building starting today!
Anonymous said…
I wonder if his hostage negotiation skills will come in handy during City Council meetings. I suggest that he take in SWAT backup to deal with some of those people.
Anonymous said…
I just got a card in the mail today from Maverick criticizing Ed. Maverick basically said that Ed was a do nothing person. In contrast, Maverick is a "neighborhood organizer" and a "good listener". Really? Ed, as a hostage negotiator, obviously knows how to listen with the best of them. I would also rank a police officer way above a "neighborhood organizer".

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