Wednesday, August 5, 2009

McAnulty & Knotts

Okay, I've been a bit remiss in my duties as Blogmeister.

I've been moving the past two weeks and not paying to attention to what was going on in the Chronicle, so I feel very bad for missing this article on the retirement of two incredibly talented (and legendary) investigators this week -- Dan McAnulty and Ron Knotts.

Now, out of the two of them, I gotta admit I knew Ron better, because we had the common ground of Aggieland to talk about, but the respect I had for both of them was immense. I don't think that I can rival the tribute to these great men that Brian Rogers did in his article in the Chronicle, other than to say that it was an honor to work with them both.

I've mentioned it time and again, but knowing the history of the people we are all working with is a huge part of the job that we all do.

Both Ron and Dan were Old School investigators who leave behind them a career that I think anybody who enters into law enforcement would be envious of. The funny thing about being a police officer is that nobody ever gives you credit for the crimes that you may have potentially stopped.

Given the job that these two men did for so many years, there is no way of ever calculating the crimes that they prevented through their diligent work.

I've talked about the fact that one of the hugest aspects of working as a Harris County Prosecutor was the opportunity to walk amongst Giants, and Ron and Dan certainly fit that description.

Guys, for all the intakes we worked together and all the times we just sat around and shot the, um, breeze, I'm proud to know and have worked with you both.

Congratulations on a well-deserved retirement.


Anonymous said...

Both of these guys represent years of experience and wisdom walking out the door.

Two other DA investigators are, in a large part, responsible for me going to law school instead of going to work for the DA's office as an investigator in the mid-eighties.

In the early 80's, I worked a regular extra (off-duty) job with the two HADA investigator Toms, Tom Fraizer and Tom Wilson. I worked my way through college as a cop, and worked on a several times a week extra job with them at a large retail store.

Because of being around them several years, and learning so much just working and hanging out with them, I wanted to be a HCDA investigator REALLY BAD. I would often hang out at their offices at the legendary FAU (the now-defunct Fugitive Apprehension Unit) every time I was waiting in the halls at 301 to testify in one case or another, and both of those guys were great teachers to be around.

For a breif time, I even got to work some cases with them on suspects we had in common. Those guys were the R.E.A.L. Poh-lice.

When I finally graduated college on the seven year plan (which is not bad for working full time), I applied at the HCDA's office as an investigator. Both Toms took me aside and said they would recommend that I be hired, but implored me as a single man to go ahead and go to law school and get out of police work.

I took their advice, and of course I became a prosecutor. Tom Fraizer, an HPD vet before joining the DA's office, retired in 1989 or 1990 and became a successful insurance agent.

Tommy Wilson worked there another 25 years and I think he recently retired, or that's what I heard several years ago. Maybe someone can update my memory on that point.

Over the years I'd run into both Toms and would always tell them how much I appreciated their support. What great mentors and great guys.


OUTRAGED said...

Two great cops with well deserved legacies. The gap will be hard to fill at the 1200 block of Franklin.
I guess now it's just a matter of time before Dan's better half, Maria McAnulty, throws in the towel as well. Who could blame her? She's the only highly qualified veteran prosecutor left with any cojones. It must be a bittersweet dilemma for team Lykos---Maria is the only prosecutor who will stand up to them for what is right but also the only one with adequate experience at the Bureau Chief level to guide Lykos and her stooges.
When Maria is fed up enough with the circus to say "fuck it I'm outta here" and the PTD fiasco implodes; HCDAO will crash and burn. So fasten your seat belts, take your heads out of the sand and get ready to rock and roll.....

Anonymous said...

Have a great retirement, guys! Thank you for your service to the citizens of Harris County.

Anonymous said...

Murray, we heard today a NO NAME SUGGESTON BOX was to be. placed on 3,4 and 5. This was a great idea and we were all for it. 30 minutes later we heard the idea was cancelled. What is the deal? READY TO SUGGEST ON 5

Anonymous said...

You guys have no idea how good things are about to get. Love retirement and I know you guys will to. Call me if you ever get bored and I will have some suggestions.

Thanks for everything you guys ever did for me while I was there. Enjoyed working with you.

Edward D. Porter

Thomas G Paine said...


Did you see this?

I'm not from Houston, so I'd appreciate your informative insight into this HPD hickup.

6th Floor said...

Dear Ready to Suggest on 5:

Stick the suggestion box idea up your ass.

Sincerely mine,
We Don't Need No Stinkin' Advice on 6

Anonymous said...

Murray---more resignations from 1201----confused on 4

Anonymous said...

Big meeting on 6 . Topics were DIRVERT problems and man power shortage. Rehires possible for some.They would come back as contract employees. Leaving from 5

Ron in Houston said...

Hey Murray

Feel free to trade in totally unsubstantiated rumors, but does the word on the street provide any link between their retirement and the new regime?

Rage Judicata said...

Feel free to trade in totally unsubstantiated rumors, but does the word on the street provide any link between their retirement and the new regime?

The new head investigator came from Tommy Thomas' office after refusing to work under a Democrat, right? Seems to me that he would be of like mind to the old Rosenthal/Holmes folks, and not be the reason they're leaving.

Anonymous said...

Insight is not Rage's forte.
The concrete world of Rage just doesn't exist outside of his delusion.

Anonymous said...

Holmes was a class act and does not deserve to be compared with Rosenthal nor do any of the other fine prosecutors that happened to work under Rosenthal deserve his taint.
Have you even spoken to McAnulty or Knotts to know what their motivation to retire was premised on? I didn't think so. You are privy to nothing relevant in this matter and as such your speculation is without merit.

Anonymous said...

Holmes was as guilty as Rosenthal when it comes to faulty convictions. Where do you think Chuck learned it?

Anonymous said...

anon 7:51,
that would be the same as saying all the current DAs have the same character as Judge Pat....that logic won't fly either. JBH was not Chuckie's role model and that is why the office is a wreck today.

Sid Crowley said...

One of my fondest memories of Dan was when I was working Intake one night in the 80s and he came in to file a charge on a routine burglary and said the reason he was there was " B&T won't do shit". Great guy, damn, we're all getting old!