Sunday, April 4, 2010

Early Run-Off Voting

Early voting for the run-off election for the 180th District Court Republican candidate begins tomorrow (Monday, April 5th).

There is only one race on the ballot that affects the CJC, so look for voter turnout to be incredibly low. Sadly, that is usually a benefit to the woefully incompetent.

Ask Pat Lykos.

Marc Brown has been endorsed by Senator Dan Patrick, Paul Bettencourt, and former-District Attorney Johnny Holmes as the best candidate in this race.

And he is running against a completely unqualified candidate.

Please please please please please go vote.

A lot of the voting sites that you THINK are your voting locations will not be open on the actual voting day, so voting early is the smart thing to do. Don't get caught by surprise.

Go vote. Take a friend. Do the right thing and make a difference.


Anonymous said...

The Johnny Holmes era prosecutors are long gone....doing what is right because it is the right thing to do has been replaced with "staying under the radar".
Pretty sad and embarrassing.

jigmeister said...

I just sent this website off to my kids telling there where they can vote today and tomorrow:

Anonymous said...

Go to Harris Votes and look at the pull down menu that shows a map for early voting.

Anonymous said...

Dexter's campaign report shows he paid $5000 to Lowry, $5000 to Polland and $3000 to Police Inc. He was endorsed by all three. It is time to put these type of groups out of business. Get out there and vote for Marc Brown, he is working for your vote.

Anonymous said...

Danny Dexter reminds me of an old MOLLY HATCHETT song...

"Flirtin with Disaster"

Anonymous said...

Y'all need to read Big Jolly today. It breaks down how much Dexter has paid the whores aka Lowry, Polland, Millard (Police Inc), and Hotze. Of course only the voters will get screwed in this love for sale deal. Here comes Judge Dexter. The worlds oldest profession starts with the letter "P". Politics!

Anonymous said...

Hell, I'll endorse him for $1,500.00. I could take a day off if I did that.

Anonymous said...

And who said cops couldn't be bought!
Anyone noticed that POLICE INK is the only police group in the entire county to endorse Dexter.

Anonymous said...

If Marc Brown loses the 180th how can anyone legitimately argue that Political Pat will be beaten in 2012?
IF a qualified candidate decides to challenge Political Pat she will simply put up cronies like Jim Leitner and others to water down the field and insure a runoff.
The blue hairs are the deciding factor in a Republican runoff and will vote for what they know not for who is most qualified and that is sadly why Marc will lose.

David Jennings said...

I'm definitely in the wrong profession. Legal assistants must make a ton of money.

I mean, Glenn Devlin's legal assistant gave $5,000 to Conservative Republicans of Harris County PAC.

You know who they are - they pay for Steven Hotze's slate card. The one that endorsed Glenn Devlin.

Anonymous said...

It's funny none of you had a problem with the slate endorsements when your boy Don Smyth, a total political unknown, cruised to the nomination on them.

David Jennings said...

Anon 12:33

Smyth was on ONE slate card - Hotze's. I thought it was odd at the time but wasn't looking through Hotze's reports. I am today.

And on 2/24, an A.O. Smyth from Lufkin (retired) gave $5,000 to CRHC - the PAC that pays for Hotze's slate. I have emailed Mr. and Mrs. Smyth seeking comment. There is also an entry on the same day for the SPAC report that lists a Don Smith giving $5,000 - I'm assuming these two transactions are actually one and the same.

My bad for not pointing that out before the election.

David Jennings said...

Just noticed I put the date at 2/24. It was actually on 2/26.

Anonymous said...

How in the heck did Devlin's opponent get 46% of the vote with no pay-to-play endorsements? Maybe REAL endorsements matter?

Anonymous said...

Follow the Money: To "back up Annon04/05/10 12:54 - Like L.B.J. said: " $ is the mother's milk of politics": Let's see, Hmmm. Who got what Organization's Endorsement? Read on:

Official Dexter, Danny
Texas Ethics Commission
(Partial list)

Daughters of Liberty
10709 Memorial Drive
Houston, TX 77024
Campaign Appearance.

Police Inc. Publications
1533 West Alabama
Houston, TX 77006
Advertising - 03/24/2010

Texas Conservative Review
3411 Richmond Avenue
Houston, TX 77046
Campaign Advertising.

The What's Up Program
(Terry Lowery)

12615 Jones Road
Suite 103
Houston, TX 77070
Campaign Advertising

Anonymous said...

With only 13 more Precincts left, Dexter is leading by a mere 285 votes.

Total Number of Voters : 49,924 of 3,786,426 = 1.32%
04/13/2010 09:23 PM
Precincts Reporting 159 of 205 = 77.56%
Number of District Voters: 37,237 of 1,893,213 = 1.97% District Precincts Reporting 60 of 73 = 82.19%
Party Candidate Absentee Early Election Total
Rep - District Judge, 180th Judicial District, Vote For 1
Marc Brown 4,650 45.49% 6,559 47.53% 6,153 56.01% 17,362 49.59%
Danny Dexter 5,572 54.51% 7,242 52.47% 4,833 43.99% 17,647 50.41%
Cast Votes: 10,222 95.30% 13,801 93.45% 10,986 93.56% 35,009 94.02%
Under Votes:
Over Votes:
0.01% 0.00%
Total Percent
73 82.19%
Ballots Registered Percent
1,893,213 1.97%

Anonymous said...

Anon 9:51 you left too early, Marc Brown wins. To long the king was the pay for endorsements, well the king is dead, long live the real king, the voters of Harris County.