Friday, December 30, 2011

Lykos 2011: A Year in Review


January 12th – An Amber Alert for Clint Greenwood is cancelled after he is found safely in his office on the 6th floor.  The alert had been issued on January 2nd when he left for work and then was not heard from.  Greenwood explained that it always takes him 10 days to get to work.


February 10th- An infuriated Pat Lykos denounces the release of a video of HPD officers beating a handcuffed and surrendering teenager, Chad Holley, to local media.  Although having campaigned on the platform of “transparency,” she declares that there are some things that the public should never get to see – kind of like they should never get to see her ever actually going to trial, having integrity, etc.

February 16th – An attempted morale boosting exercise on the part of Misdemeanor Chief John Jordan goes horribly awry when local media learn of a reward system for guilty verdicts secured from misdemeanor prosecutors.  The reward of an afternoon of bowling meets with little complaint from the rank and file; however, the punishment of “Seven Minutes of Heaven” in a closet with Lykos for losing prosecutors causes an uproar.


March 1st – Daycare worker Jessica Tata flees the country to Nigeria before the District Attorney’s Office will agree to file charges on her for the deaths of four children in her care during a house fire.  D.A. Lykos angrily denounces HFD’s Fire Marshal for not filing charges earlier once she realizes that Tata’s frequent flier miles are not transferable to her in an asset forfeiture.

March 19th – Pat Lykos amends the District Attorney’s Operations Manual to include a guideline on how ADAs must conduct themselves if participating in any campaigns during the 2012 elections.  Rule Number One is that no candidate may speak of any affiliation with Pat Lykos and the District Attorney’s Office.  Yeah.  Seriously.  Apparently the First Rule of Pat Lykos is that there IS no Pat Lykos.

March 21st – Jessica Tata is apprehended in Nigeria.  She insists that she had not fled the country to avoid prosecution; rather, she had just “carpooled in” with Clint Greenwood, and it always takes him ten days to get from his house to the courthouse.

March 25th – In response to mandatory budget cuts, the Lykos Administration tightens its belt on fiscal matters.  Several prosecutors and Administrative Assistants are terminated, and the solid gold statue of Lykos for the front lobby is trimmed down from 10 feet tall to a life-sized statue of 5’1.

March 29th – County Court at Law # 4 Judge John Clinton finds himself in hot water for ordering conditions of probation that involve going to church, thus violating the separation between Church and State.  A supportive Pat Lykos rallies to Judge Clinton’s defense, pointing out that all of her upper-Administration are required to worship her or be burned at the stake, as dictated in the Bible.


April 10th – Another Amber Alert for Clint Greenwood is cancelled when he is found safely in his office.  Greenwood had last been seen on April 1st when he left the office to go to lunch.  Greenwood explains that it always takes him 10 days to get back to the office after lunch.

April 23rd – After years of telling the Harris County Criminal Justice System how to do its job, Houston Chronicle columnist Rick Casey finally does a little background research and goes to jury duty.  He points out that all jurors that are struck for cause are “conscientious objectors against the war on drugs.”  Furthermore, based on the body language he is reading from the judge and the prosecutor, he can tell they oppose the drug war, too.  Then he remembers that he may have eaten one of his “special brownies” for breakfast.  This is further evidenced by the fact that the case he was observing was a traffic ticket appeal.


May 27th – Pat Lykos hires Heather Ramsey Cook as Office’s new “Community Liason” officer, in lieu of hiring actual prosecutors to work at the Office.  Heather, who had initially come to the Office as part of the hastily assembled search party for Clint Greenwood, announces that she will be doing nothing political in her job.  Rather, she was only there to help citizens of the community communicate with Her Holiness Patricia R. Lykos, Patron Saint of Harris County.


June 1st – A Court of Appeals reverses the Criminally Negligent Homicide conviction of Jeri Montgomery, who had been convicted of causing a fatality accident while talking on her cellular telephone.  Pat Lykos, who had previously called Montgomery “selfish and narcissistic” in the newspapers, dispatches community liaison Heather Ramsey Cook to meet with Montgomery. Heather explains that what  Lykos had meant to call her was “awesome and pretty” but got misquoted.  Furthermore, Pat hopes she can still count on Montgomery’s vote in March 2012!

June 10th – Longtime prosecutor Kevin Petroff resigns from Harris County to go to work for the Galveston County District Attorney’s Office.  Petroff explains the departure by saying that since he recently turned 16, he can now drive to Galveston on his own, without an adult passenger to supervise him on his learner’s permit.


July 17th – Yet another Amber Alert for Clint Greenwood is cancelled when he is again found safely in his Office.  Greenwood had been missing since July 7th when he was last seen going to use the restroom.  Greenwood explained that it always takes him 10 days to get back to his office after using the restroom.


August 1st – Allegations that HPD’s mobile “B.A.T. vans” are unreliable begin to pick up steam as possible Brady material in DWI cases.  The District Attorney’s Office remains unconcerned about the allegations, telling younger prosecutors, “It isn’t ‘Brady’ if nobody knows about it, now is it?”

August 3rd – Defense attorney and proud veteran Pat McCann has his head shaved in the 228th District Court, honoring a bet with participants in Veterans’ Court.  McCann had not shaved nor had a haircut in the 10 months preceding.  Local blogger Murray Newman is seen sweeping up the hair on the floor and heading back to his office with the hair and a bottle of super glue.

August 19th – A video from Jersey Village high school days hits the internet, with a then-17-year-old Todd Dupont performing in a music video to the tune of Madonna’s Vogue.  A visibly rattled Dupont says,  “Oh thank God, it was just that video.  I was scared a different one was going to be released.”


September 6th – Longtime columnist for the Houston Chronicle, Rick Casey, leaves the newspaper.  Apparently writing columns with little to no research had become too exhausting.

September 7th – Legendary icon of the Harris County Criminal Justice System, Rayford Carter passes away after a lengthy illness.   His passing officially makes Pat Lykos the oldest and most cantankerous defense attorney in the building.

September 28th – Local defense attorney and Botox aficionado Brian Wice writes a controversial editorial in the Houston Chronicle criticizing prosecutors’ reactions to a Not Guilty verdict in the Michael Brown trial.  Wice’s original editorial, entitled “Hey!  I Was One of the Defense Attorneys On That Case Too!” was scrapped after fact checkers for the Chronicle could not confirm that it was Wice’s bald spot that appeared next to lead counsel Dick DeGeurin in all of the media coverage.


October 4th – The Harris County District Attorney’s Office lobbies to have Lone Star College’s contract with the county (for testing Intoxilyzers) cancelled after learning that former-HPD chemist Amanda Culbertson now works for them.  Lykos denies that the cancelling of the contract was retaliation for Culbertson whistle-blowing on the HPD “B.A.T." vans.  She also denies that cancelling her cable subscription was motivated because “Comcast still has that damn Channel 13 with that jackass Oberg” as part of their line-up.

October 21st – The 185th Grand Jury kicks Harris County prosecutors out of the room as they hear from witnesses regarding the B.A.T. van scandal.  Lykos and Crew angrily insist that there is a conspiracy of people out to get her because “they don’t like her.”  She then identifies the people involved in the conspiracy as Judge Mike Anderson, Judges Marc and Susan Brown, the defense bar, and 99.9% of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office.

October 24th – Pat Lykos is caught trying to mislead ABC 13’s Ted Oberg in an interview, stating that she had never heard of any BAT van problems “from HPD’s crime lab.”  When called out on her deception, Lykos tries the old “Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct” maneuver, which fails miserably.  (NOTE:  Seriously, go back and watch the video of the interview.  It’s disturbing.)

October 26th – Numerous prosecutors from the Harris County District Attorney’s Office are subpoenaed to appear before the 185th Grand Jury.  District Attorney Pat Lykos refuses to go unless allowed to bring a “comfort item” while testifying.  That comfort item?  A carton of Camel filterless cigarettes.


November 2nd – Pat Lykos testifies to the Grand Jury that she never sought to have Amanda Culbertson fired from Lone Star College for retaliatory reasons.  She also denies that the reason she attempted to have Ted Oberg fired from Channel 13 and Murray Newman fired from the Law Offices of Murray Newman was retaliatory, either.

November 7th – Prosecutors Carl Hobbs and Steve Morris are brought before the 185th District Court on a Show Cause hearing to explain why they were in possession of highly confidential Grand Jury transcripts from a proceeding that the District Attorney’s Office had been recused from.  Pat Lykos denies having anything to do with the unfortunate event and quickly cancels her idea to add G. Gordon Liddy and E. Howard Hunt to the D.A. Office payroll.

November 29th – Numerous police unions including HPD’s and the HCSO’s hold a press conference to announce that they have “No confidence” in District Attorney Pat Lykos.  An angry Pat Lykos denounces the Unions as being part of the ever-growing “conspiracy” of people out to get her, which now includes Judge Mike Anderson, Judges Marc and Susan Brown, the Defense Bar, 99.9% of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, Girl Scout Troops 3-17, her 3rd cousin, Barney Lykos, and Rick, the guy who gives out M&Ms in front of the courthouse.

November 30th – Judge Mike Anderson announces his candidacy for Harris County District Attorney.  An office memo from the Gang Who Couldn’t Shoot Straight is issued to the rest of the office, stating: “You better not let us catch any of you bastards smiling about this.”
In a related story, local blogger Murray Newman ponders the future of his blog if the D.A.’s Office is no longer run by a mean, ignorant, power-mad politician who gives him so much material to write about on a daily basis.

December 13th – A second Grand Jury asks for a Special Prosecutor to assist in investigating allegations of wrong-doing by Pat Lykos’ Harris County District Attorney’s Office.  An angry Lykos adds 232nd Judge Mary Lou Keel to her list of people out to get her, along with the Police Unions, Judge Mike Anderson, Judges Marc and Susan Brown, the Defense Bar, 99.9% of the Harris County District Attorney’s Office, Girl Scout Troops 3-17, her 3rd cousin, Barney Lykos, Rick, the guy who gives out M&Ms in front of the courthouse, Nick Lykos, the Reverend Billy Graham, and an actual partridge in a pear tree.

December 19th – In an effort to keep from having to testify to the 185th Grand Jury, Assistant District Attorney Rachel Palmer invokes her 5th Amendment and subsequently files a Motion to Recuse Judge Susan Brown.  Palmer’s attorney, Clay Rawlings asks to continue the hearing for ten days to provide ADA Clint Greenwood his customary ten days needed to arrive at the courthouse so that he can testify.

December 21st – Fresh off of being told by Judge Susan Brown that she did not have to talk to the 185th Grand Jury, Rachel Palmer heads down to Channel 11 to talk to them.  In the interview, Palmer explains that the reason she invoked her 5th Amendment rights in front of the Grand Jury had nothing to do with retaliating against Amanda Culbertson.  In actuality, Palmer states she just didn’t want to explain why she declared “sick time” on her time sheet when she was really in Dallas for a Hello Kitty Fan Club convention.

December 25th – After a lackluster Christmas, Pat Lykos adds Santa Claus to the list of conspirators out to get her because they don’t like her.  As evidence of this conspiracy, Lykos provides photographs of Santa meeting with several members of Girl Scout Troops 3-17.

December 27th – In an interview with local Republican blogger David Jennings, Pat Lykos insists that she has hired somewhere between 20 and 25 new prosecutors over the past several months.  Unfortunately, all of her three media relations people (Donna Hawkins, Heather Ramsey Cook and David Benzion) had been too busy doing “other things” to announce a move by the Office that actually had something to with the administration of Criminal Justice.

December 30th – In a private ceremony held in Pat Lykos’ office on the 6th floor of the CJC, Rachel Palmer is named Employee of the Year, given the Harris County District Attorney’s Medal of Valor, and then quietly shipped off to Appellate where she can spend the day doing nothing, along with other Lykos political beneficiary Lana Shadwick.

December 31st – After learning that the 185th Grand Jury will not be meeting again until the beginning of 2012, Pat Lykos declares that the official slogan for her re-election campaign will be:  “Indictment Free Through Years One, Two and Three!”


Anonymous said...

Oh wow. You brought it.

Anonymous said...

Okay, you got me with the Sharon Stone comment. I thought surely I had misunderstood the reference. Perhaps she was smoking? Twirling an ice pick in her hand? So I watched it. To what address would you like me to send the therapist's bill, and do you have any idea how hard it is to type when shuddering uncontrollably?

Anonymous said...

Hilarious, Murray! That was great!

Anonymous said...

Reading this post was totally worth my insomnia.

Anonymous said...

I for one can't wait for the next four months to go by. It will be like watching someone in the death chamber.

They (I.e.lickyos, jimmy, hannah, clint, steve, palmer and vollman) know the end is in sight. Trying to figure out how to act while being watched for their every move.

The Halls are alive with eyes. Hahahahaha. Good Bye.

Anonymous said...

Come on man; you're no longer a prosecutor. Let it go...

I realize that you long for the good old days when prosecutors could do whatever they please with no controls or accountability, but those days are gone. Of course, should they return, you're not going to like it very much, seeing as how you are now charged with the responsibility of upholding the rights of the individual. Think about it.

Murray Newman said...

Anon 10:15 a.m.,

Give me a break. Are you seriously suggesting that Pat Lykos made the Office MORE accountable? She just had a Deputy Division Chief plead the freaking 5th Amendment for crying out loud. And Lykos herself has been keeping her "accountability" holed up in her Office for the past three weeks so she wouldn't have to talk to the media.

I was always accountable and had controls as a prosecutor. And I have them now as a defense attorney. Some of us have standards of personal accountability that we hold ourselves to. They call it character.

I could understand how you would forget that ideal under the current administration.

Anonymous said...

To a Harris County Lawyer: I know that you are a talented trial attorney but you missed your real calling as a writer - maybe a guest gig to SNL might be appropriate. I wish that I could have had you in Appellate for the six month stint we use to give to up and coming Trial Bureau (No. 2 felony) attorneys. Apparently eligibility for that assignment has significantly changed under Lykos, however - regardless of ability one now needs either "Fifth Amendment credentials" or being a Republican party activist for the assignment. I bet that you would have written excellent, but entertaining briefs - briefs giving a little life to the stuffy appellate courts. Happy New Year.
Calvin A. Hartmann

Murray Newman said...

Thank you Calvin. I appreciate it. And Happy New Year to you.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Calvin. Perhaps, then you could achieve your life goal of attaining imdb status.

Murray Newman said...

Yes Anon 11:05 a.m., being on IMDB is a life long dream. And some day, I hope I can "the Wombie", for best performance as a corpse in a television production.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:15

I think Murray has way to much character to just let it go as you suggest.

Thank you Murray, for not giving up the good fight. There are still so many problems at the CJC. You are the voice for many.

Mr. Anon do you really think there is accountability in the current admin? Well do tell please, I have asked many posters for a simple list of all of the good things PL has accomplished and not one of you defenders has bothered to respond. If she is so damned great please share.
What do you mean about the good old days being gone and the prosecutors not being able to do what they want? I can only assume that you mean they are not allowed to really do their job, or say anything other than yes your royal highness. You mean they can't take a case for fear of not getting a conviction and then being thrown under the bus for the way they handled it.
If that is really how you think, you would have fit in with Hitler quite well. What a shame real, decent, people have to work with you.


Anonymous said...

Murray, thanks for telling it like it is, you are an outstanding example of what an attorney should be...a seeker of truth and justice.

Anonymous said...

The Hello Kitty Fan club would like to thank you for the honorable mention in your blog.

Franklin Bynum said...

Wait, being co-host of Reasonable Doubt won't get me an IMDB page? Shit.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:15....

Just when was there no accountability or control in the old days?

I worked under Vance and Holmes. They would stand behind you if you thought you were doing the "right thing" and had a good reason for doing what you were doing.

What planet did you come from? When has Lykos stood up for anyone since being elected? I can answer that....Never.

Anonymous said...

Vancouver Health Authority begins free crack pipe program for addicts. Hmmm. I'm hearing the ring of a new publiclight service Division being created by the Lykos D.A.'S Office Office.

On a serious note I see the reasoning in the past for jurisdictions handing out free serenges and condoms but CRACK PIPES? WTF? Damn! I could use a new cheap spoon, knife, & fork.

Anonymous said...

You bastard! Do you know how a mouthful of hot coffee feels coming out through your nose?

I'll never read your blog in the morning again.

Anonymous said...

Oh sure, Rick "gives" M&Ms away.

Anonymous said...

I just read your New Year's Eve post from Dec. 31, 2008, "A Phenomenally Bad Year," and compared it to this New Year's Eve post.

It is encouraging to see how much more upbeat you and most others are now. Things are looking up! Here's to 2012!

Republican Activist

Anonymous said...

Chron has a lightweight piece on DA race today. Hooper et al have been busy posting under new profiles. Several have already been deleted. Sigh. He has been stupid enough to attack Dan an Ryan Patrick though. What an idiot.

Anonymous said...

Hooper has gone absolutely nuts on the comments in that article. What a douche.

Anonymous said...

Serious defamation under the chron comments.

Anonymous said...

Here is the link to the Chron piece on the DA's race:

Go Mike!

Anonymous said...

I just read the re-elect Lykos piece in the Comical. Lykos is the reformer and Anderson is the old guard? How strange a political hack and long time republican old guard is called a reformer and a relatively new to the political scene person is called the old guard. Just look at the political history of Lykos and how she has been taken care of by the old guard. Look at her supporters who are nothing but the old guard and Hooper. Of course that would be the same Hooper who claims to organize groups of people to defeat republicans who he sees as enemies.

Anonymous said...

To an outsider and one who doesn't have a horse in the race it's easy to remember a time when every district attorney was accused of wrongdoing. Holmes and Rosenthal both played politics and it always came into play when they made a decision to have a grand jury indict someone or not. So what we voters must decide is which candidate does the least amount of damage. I look to the local judges who have all agreed with Lykos' position on crack pipes. So that issue becomes a non-issue and one that most see as being politicized. As to the young woman who may or may not have withheld evidence regarding a perceived problem with the DWI vans, most of us realize that no one is pure and that mistakes will be made. I also have deep concerns that the district attorney's office may have been mislead by the police department who have since orchestrated the politicized crack pipe issue. It comes down to who do you trust. And it's difficult to trust the police union when there have been so many prosecutions of those who represent it. After all, the district attorney has stated in a letter posted on the Chronicle that the union is upset over the harsh sentences that some of the union reps received, and that would be understandable. I voted for Mrs. Seigler in the primary and Lykos during the general election. Mr. Anderson seems to me like someone from the old guard who wants to return the office back to the days of Holmes and Rosenthal. Which according to the local judges would mean a return to overloaded dockets because of the crack pipe issue. I will again vote for Lykos because once you remove politics from the equation, she has done a reasonable good job.

Anonymous said...

anon 12:21. Only 16 of 25 felony judges supported the trace case change...that is not ALL by any stretch of the imagination.
Please site a specific instance where Holmes played politics. What was so great about Holmes is that he DIDN'T play politics. If there was a case, it went through the process regardless of who the defendent was. What made Holmes so popular with the regular, non-courthouse connected folks was that he publically appeared not to belong to any party--he was the independent, justice seeker, which is the job of the top local law enforcement officer. Rs and Ds must be irrelevent to the elected DA.
Lykos is all fluff and no substance who has put unqualified republican hacks in positions they have no business in. When a prosecutor is dealing with a challenging case they can't go to her for advice because she's NEVER tried a case, she doesn't have a clue. She can't strategize with her lawyers, she can't pull on her own experience to guide those who work there and help them seek justice, because she doesn't have a clue. The DA is not a political job, it's a LEADER's job--a leader needs to be able to lead from experience. SHE CANNOT LEAD BECAUSE SHE CANNOT DO WHAT THOSE WHO WORK THERE MUST DO EVERYDAY.
Anderson's a leader, with decades of experience, respected in the courthouse community and beyond, someone the ADAs can get guidance from in order to protect the public and seek justice for victims. He's getting my vote.

Anonymous said...

@Anon 12:21:

You must realize that HPOU performed the investigation, turned in the suspects, and pushed for harsh sentences. Lykos trying to claim that HPOU is mad at her for that is laughably implausible. In addition, consider all the other police unions who were there for the vote of no confidence.

Go talk to street officers, detectives, and other real members of law enforcement. You'll find that almost every single one of us despises Pat Lykos. Go talk to the current members of the DA's Office, and you'll find that almost every single one of them despises Pat Lykos. (Unfortunately, because their boss is incredibly vindictive and paranoid, they cannot take a public stand. They do not have any protection.) When the people who work closest in the field are all united against Lykos, that must give you pause in supporting her.

Anonymous said...

Absolutely funniest S$%& i have read on the blog. Cannot wait until "the chimney" (Lie-kos) is gone!!! Keep up the good work Murray.

Anonymous said...

I thought the only residue cases that weren't prosecuted were ones that when tested, the lab used all the evidence. Considering the lack of reliability and backlog at the crime lab, not prosecuting
Microscopic amounts of cocaine seems reasonable.

Anonymous said...

It is difficult to respond to specific "anonymous" blogs because I obviously do not know the person's identity, and hence I do not know their sincerity. I'll try though. I really feel sorry, however, for those claiming to be outsiders on this blog - for most of them though I doubt the veracity of that clam. Setting that aside a good many judges in this county have but one prime objective - move the docket so they can go home early, or to the bar, or the tehnis court, or the golf course. To outsiders - just visit the Criminal Courthouse on any afternoon to see the lack of activity. Thus, judges "endorsing" Lykos policy is a bit selfish. A "full" docket severely interferes with their prime objective of early afternoon, and for some I suspect, late morning departure. Yes, electing Mike Anderson, however, would return the office to the Holmes era, an era when the office was the most respected in Texas and probably one of the best in the nation. Right now it is an abysmal joke, not because it no longer has any competent attorneys (it still does although Lykos appear hell-bent to run them off), but because of the hierarchy at the top. The Holmes' office was an atypical prosecuting office - it was not political. Anyone accusing Holmes of being political is just downright ignorant of the facts. Among other matters, as an elected Republican Holmes sought the prosecution of two County Judges, a County Commisioner, and a District Court Judge of his own party. Perhaps "outsiders" do not like their own party people being prosecuted. He sought the removal of a District Court Judge and the prosecution of a City Councilman from the Democratic Party. Political office - hardly. Mike Anderson developed and was trained in that office. I suspect that he learned the Holmes' lessons well. As to the young woman merely making a mistake - one has to be kidding - (taking the Fifth), under Holmes I suspect that she would have been given only enough time to claim her personal items before being escorted from the office by an investigator instead of being assigned to another division of the office. It is unfortunate as the Chronicle artice suggests - the Republican party is now controlled by a bunch of uninformed - yes ignorant - country club blue haired old women. My wife and I though intend to cancel two of their votes.
Calvin A. Hartmann

Jigmeister said...

Dear Anon 12:21,
I beg to differ. Here are a few things that you don't know or have forgotten about Holmes: he never allowed any on his staff to politic for him and never took a cent from anyone on the staff. He never placed calls to the media, yet constantly referred their calls to the staff member handling the case, as their were no (as opposed to 3 under Lykos) PR people. He insisted that we prosecute all offenders where the evidence was sufficient regardless of the law, because his philosophy was that the DA didn't make the law, the legislature did. His job was to enforce it, until it was changed. He did, the last 10 years send a person to Austin only during the legislative session (3 to 4 months every second year) to provide advice to legislators on how proposed law changes would effect our job, but as the largest city with the most crime, he felt that was important. Lastly, I think a lot of us don't care much for the drug laws, but does that give the DA the right to change them, or is that perhaps the legislature's job? Finally, I can't remember Holmes ever going anywhere, much less to Hawaii, giving speeches and self promoting. If it was a work day he was in the office from 7am to 6 pm managing the day to day affairs of the job and occasionally trying cases himself. In fact he rarely took vacations.

And I am only addressing your assertion about politics, saying nothing about management styles, talent retention, and in house staff training. How about contrasting that with What we know about I dought I will change your mind, but do you own research.

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that Hooper in his blogging frenzy at today has taken shots at Dan Patrick, Valoree Swanson, Cheryl Berg and Steve Raddack. We can only hope that he next takes aim at Gov. Perry and Judge Emmett next.

I also love that Chron did not mention that Woodfill is facing his own primray fight that he can ill afford to fund at this point. 2012 is starting off with a bang!

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:21
Please share with me about the reasonable good job Ms. Lycos has done.

I am curious just what she has done. Not politics here, I really want to know.

Please help me to see the light.

In fact I would like to issue a challenge to all the Lycos supporters that are posting. I challenge you to list at least one thing that she has accomplished while in office.

I feel sure, as with all of the other requests I have made, not one single PL supporter can come up with one accomplishment that is truly her own and not a revamped one from prior times.


Anonymous said...

Anon 12:21, your concern is that a DA's office under Anderson would return to overloaded dockets? Correct me if I'm wrong here (someone from inside the every day workings at CJC please), but aren't the dockets overloaded right now? As an individual who has waited nearly 3 years for a trial, thats news to me. I have been down there and seen judges walking out with hat and coat on, brief case in hand heading out for the day at 10 a.m., now for all I know they may have had some official business outside the court house to attend to, but why couldn't they stay and try some of these cases that are backing up the jail? Lykos focus isn't on the people of Harris County, its on promoting herself, if she could feel just a touch of the stress and horror she has caused so many dealing with the system right now, it would be far too much for someone who appears to have no heart.

Anonymous said...

Sue,Under the Lykos regime,offense reports have been made available to defense lawyers where in the past they could only be read and many times supplements were added after the lawyer prepared the case.It has made it a lot easier to decide to plead or try a case.

Anonymous said...

Brass tacks time: I challenge everyone who has ever wants LYKOS KICKED OUT to make the following commitment int WORD &I DEED - NOT just complaining:

1) Donate to Mike's Campaign;

2) Commit to being s power of at least 25 Voters ;

3) Make sure your list is solid with Harris Co

4) Follow up to make sure they vote and check them off your list;

5) Get a yard sign IF you donate;

These are simple yet very powerful things you can do to give yourselves a sense of control and doing the right thing all at once.

God Bless you all for not just doing s last minute email blast. You got the Power"

Anonymous said...

My New Years wish is that Lykos is out on Bond while she is campaigning in the Republican Primary.

Anonymous said...

Anon 7:03

I would do all of those things if I thought I wouldn't get fired.

Anonymous said...

8:43 to 12:16

I completely understand. The main thing u can do is get 25 people &I friends. Obviously nothing at work. As for $, there is nothing wrong with getting a trusted relative who has a different name to give $50.00 of THEIR $. Get a sign and ask them or someone else to display.

The Office per sr will not determine this election....God knows she's run off the staff of 3the offices. The point is to be smart about it and know you put 25the ltd on that score board.

Then next more hiding. Hang in there

Anonymous said...

Running for election takes hard work. The old multi-level marketing strategy DOES WORK. To take this to the next level...get your 25back to get their OWN 25.

Now YOU ARE the power of 650 if you include your vote and your eacjh team member's individual vote. (26).

Now no misleading here. You will NOT win a pink Cadillac ...but you will help GREATLY removing someone else's Cadillac from the County garage and replacing it with s Truck.


Anonymous said...

Anon 6:25

Thank you for responding. I know Murray has given credit in the past to PL. I have read the posts thru the last couple of years about her good deeds, however I did not recall any specifically that benefit my community.

As a citizen of HC I want a DA that really is tough on crime. Nothing that I have read about PL indicates that she feels the same. I believe in the death penalty (oh how horrible of me). I don't want crack heads walking the streets of my community, stealing and hurting people. I don’t want some stupid decision she made about the divert program or the trace cases to cause a death somewhere down the line. She needs to leave the making of the law in the proper hands, where it belongs. My brother was shot in the face with a shotgun at close range, you can be sure, I, really do want a tough DA.

I hate that PL is such a poor leader and has ran off so many good people. The way she treats her employees is a crime. The loss of these highly trained experienced individuals will be hard to replace. Another huge loss attributed to PL leadership.

It is time to take it to a new level. Each and every one of us can make a difference. Send this blog link to any media you feel is fair. I always request that they contact Murray. I
I apologize in advance for some of the comments and just ask the person to read this with an open mind. To understand, this is the only outlet for some of the employees to vent, naturally there will be some ugly comments. To realize how upset and angry that people are with the way PL handles the office and employees. To think how it feels for the person to get up each day and have to face that kind of pressure just to have a job.

It affects the quality of work when you have a boss like PL. I know this from personal experience. I for one am prepared to do whatever is necessary to bring the office back to the place it was before PL. To the poster that made the comment about going back to an over crowded docket. In a county as large as this, an over crowded docket would tell me the prosecutors are doing the job they are paid to do. That dear person is my whole point.

My heart bleeds for the employees. It also bleeds for the loss of respect and high regards this office used to have. Mostly it bleeds for the victims of crime and the short shift they are given under this admin. It bothers me that this admin is more about positive PR than really fighting crime. All of us, the citizens and employees lost when PL was elected.

Send this blog to all of your friends and family as well. Apologize in advance if you must, but, send it anyway. It is important to get the word out about the reality of the DAs office under PL.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Lykos should be re-elected because she allows the defense to have copies of the offense reports. I guess Anon 6:25 forgot Kelly was going to do the same. So my question is who pays for all those copies. When I was still working there, the tax payers were paying for all the copying. How much is that costing the taxpayers? Even if it is just a few thousand dollars, that is taxpayer money given away by Lykos. That does not include the time spent by staff copying for the defense bar. Unfortunately, if you required the defense bar to spend the time copying and spend their money to copy, there are a number who would never copy because quite frankly there are a number who never read the offense report.

I read some comment awhile back which seemed to blame Holmes for the current situation because he backed Rosenthal. I guess that everybody forgot Rosenthal's opponent was Lykos. So are you saying Holmes should have allowed Lykos to be elected instead of Rosenthal? I'm sorry but Rosenthal on his worst day was so much better than Lykos on her best.

I will be walking my neighborhood getting my 25 and more to vote for Mike. Mike will reform the office and end the downward spiral.

Anonymous said...

To get your friends and family registered to vote, go to , look under "Voting Info," then choose "Voter Registration." You can print out registration forms and give them to people, along with a pre-addressed, stamped envelope.

Or you can send them the link:

Happy New Year to everyone!

Republican Activist

Anonymous said...

Anon 1:21 on January 3, 2012 said....

"I read some comment awhile back which seemed to blame Holmes for the current situation because he backed Rosenthal. I guess that everybody forgot Rosenthal's opponent was Lykos. So are you saying Holmes should have allowed Lykos to be elected instead of Rosenthal? I'm sorry but Rosenthal on his worst day was so much better than Lykos on her best."

The answer is found in the comments section under, "Thoughts From A Guest Poster": LOGIC 101 said...

"Anon 12:04,

Mr. Concrete thought let's think outside the box for a second:

When JBH decided he was going to retire instead of saying fuck it--sera sera as he did, he could and should have actively pursued a qualified relacement and paved the way for a smooth transition. That would have precluded the Chuckster from ever being a viable candidate and Lykos would have been a non-issue then and today. Instead, JBH chose to be passive aggressive forcing him to reluctantly endorse Chuck at the 11th hour to avoid someone even worse--Pat Lykos.

Consequences are a bitch."

December 31, 2011 12:05 PM

And there we fucking have it for the black and white "thinkers"

Murray Newman said...

To the person posting under the title of "Hypocrite Watch",

I do not "out" people's identities on this blog. I never have and I never will. I'm sorry if that makes you think of me as a hypocrite. I don't out people I agree or disagree with.

So, no. I'm not posting your comment.