Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Your 1st Motivational Reminder to Go Vote

Welcome to Day Two of Early Voting!

I have to admit that I was in Brazos County all day yesterday so I didn't get to vote.  I will remedy that this morning on the way to court.

Did you vote yesterday?  If so, you can disregard the rest of this message.  If not, perhaps you need some inspiration.

For today's inspiration, I take you back in time to a little over three years ago.  A brand new Pat Lykos Administration had just taken over the D.A.'s Office and she was still trying to find some common ground with the prosecutors she now presided over.

Her first move?

Publicly eviscerating two highly respected and liked prosecutors on the front page of the Houston Chronicle.

As I'm sure you recall, both Mark and Rifi were immediately shown to have done absolutely nothing wrong like Lykos accused them of, but that never merited an apology from her.

Both men went on to accept prestigious jobs with the U.S. Attorney's Office, but their reputations took an undeserved hit as Lykos called them "negligent and incompetent" in the media.  Lykos went on to use "negligent and incompetent" as the theme of her Administration for the next three and a half years.

So, today, as your motivation to go vote.  Remember how Lykos treats her prosecutors and how many great prosecutors she has run off during her tenure.

Today is an opportunity to go run Lykos off.


Anonymous said...

I just voted! Couldn't push that Anderson button hard enough!!!!

Anonymous said...

I will vote today also and know all the correct Criminal District judicial candidates for whom to vote but want to advise others on best choice for civil judges ....

11th District: Michael West
61st Jeff Hastings
127th: Russell Lloyd
129th: Michael Landrum
133rd: Lamar McCorkle
151st: Leif Olson
152nd: Janet Towmsley
164th: Sophia Mafrige

And of course: Paul Simpson for County Chair

Here's my criteria: None have ever worked for Woodfil; none are endorsed by Polland; and all are very qualified litigators

Anonymous said...


McCorkle is a qualified litigator? Jesus. For a group of folks so consumed by the Harris County Bench/Bar Poll in justifying voting against Lykos, you sure don't pay attention to the results in the 133rd.

As for the 61st, Bennett may be a Democrat, but he's an excellent judge and deserves to stay. I've had him outright dismiss cases and hammer Plaintiffs on rulings that no other Democrat in the county would make. And many Republicans would not have, either. He follows the law, and in the end that's all you want.

As for the rest, I generally agree. A few of those Democrats absolutely have to go. Schaeffer is borderline. The rest, yeah, get rid of them.

Here's my criteria: Politics and political party should play no role in the decision, just whether or not they know what the hell they're doing.


Anonymous said...

To Rage,
9:49 is obviously making Republican Primary recommendations. You can't vote for candidates from different parties in the primary. Get someone to explain it to you.

Anonymous said...

12:48, does it matter what race he's recommending for, if he calls a non-litigator a "very qualified litigator"?

Get someone to explain it to you.

Anonymous said...

Anyone know what the Texas Rangers are up to re: PL? (and I don't mean the baseball team, so save it).

Anonymous said...

Murray: a suggestion for your second motivational reminder - just let the folks supporting Mike know the kind way they are being described in Lykos' campaign ads; descriptions such as "union" thugs and cronies to waging Chicago style politics, all traditional Republican code words for those "evil" Democrats. If you heard or read the ads you would think Mike and his supporters were all Democrats (hopefully though he will have many supporting him). I suspect this, in my opinion, course, bitter, narcisstic and incompetent woman is going to demonstrate what a "sewer dweller" she really can be - it's going to get nasty folks. Her ads do one thing though - the ads demonstrate that my above opinion of her is reasonably accurate.
Calvin A. Hartmann

Anonymous said...

Voting felt so good today. It will feel just as good for every neighbor and family member I have.

I'm on conservative mailing lists, and I got the slick voting guide from the far-right Conservative Republicans of Harris County. Even that put Anderson in its voting guide. Yay!

When I went at Waugh & Gray this afternoon, there was no sign of anyone campaigning for a DA candidate in any capacity.

Anonymous said...

Pat Lykos has more than earned the disrespect that most people feel for her. She will be voted out this term. It is also likely that she will be vindictive as she finishes out her term and will try to leave the office in worse shambles. If she had a shred of decency, she would resign after she loses the Primary and let the office begin to recover from Hurricane Pat.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Rage. You're right about Lamar McCorkle. He's an effective campaigner but that's it.

If you're looking to elect the most qualified candidate in a race, don't vote for Lamar McCorkle.

Anonymous said...

You are so right about Lamar McCorkle. Do not vote for him.

If you're voting for the most qualified candidate in a race, then do not vote for Lamar McCorkle. If you want to vote for the most dedicated party man, then by all means, vote for him.

Rage, what do you think about Kirkland?


Anonymous said...

I like Bruce Bain for the 11th Civil District Court.

Anonymous said...

Rage, what do you think about Kirkland?

I think Kirkland, Gomez, McFarland and Weiman are four of the worst judges in the state. And I try a lot of cases in the Valley and the Golden Triangle, so that's saying something. It's like they're in some sort of competition to see who can get the most things wrong and reverse their own rulings.


Anonymous said...

To 6:15 pm "at Waugh and Gray..no sign of anyone campaigning for DA"

I am proud to say I was at Waugh and W.Gray election poll on May 15 from 11:30am to 4:30pm passing out Mike's cards. You must have slipped by me. Glad you knew who to vote for anyway.

Bert Graham.

Anonymous said...

Lamar McCorkle is one of the worst judges that we have had in Harris County. He can't make a decision.

I had a lawsuit in his court before he got kicked out in the 2008 election. Thankfully, he was kicked out. Jaclanel McFarland is a better judge.

Vote for Jaclanel McFarland in the November election.