Fox 26 Debate Footage

For those of you who weren't able to catch Sunday morning's debate between Judge Mike Anderson and Lloyd Oliver, you can watch it by clicking here.

It is in four different segments that are about ten minutes a piece.

On a related note, I'm looking for a translator who speaks Lloydese.


Anonymous said…
Mike did a great job. Oliver looked and sounded like a drunk. PLEASE God no Democratic sweep this time.

I am amazed that the clown made it this far.

Anonymous said…
What could Lloyd's reasoning be for coming out singing Lykos praises? Did he not pay attention to what happened to her just a couple short months ago? He obviously knows nothing about the DA's office. Did anyone check his backside for a hand belonging to anyone with initials DH or PL? A cute puppet he does not make.
Anonymous said…
What about Hooper for a translator?
Anonymous said…
All kidding aside, I think he did a good job and made a good showing. Mike was just Mike, same O stuff.
Anonymous said…
In the first segment, Judge Anderson came across as pro DAO. He did better, imo, later, as he stated that he wanted justice for all. BTW, Anderson is my choice and am only giving my opinion. Oliver came across as an everyday guy (e.g. neighbor that did more than wave). Oliver was clueless about law, he however, wanted to relay that 'we all make mistakes'.
Harris County, we may have a problem.

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