Monday, December 17, 2012

Jeff Hale

As many of you around the CJC already know, our friend and fellow defense attorney Jeff Hale suffered a stroke right around the Thanksgiving holidays.  Several attorneys have been helping take care of Jeff's cases as he recuperates from this unforeseen medical emergency.  We hear that he is coming along quite well, but that the road to complete recovery may still take some time.

While many attorneys are doing all they can to help Jeff, attorney Rand Mintzer has gone an extra step in his efforts -- a marathon's worth of "extra steps" to be more exact.

Rand will be running this Saturday in a marathon dubbed The Day After the End of the World Marathon, and he would like to dedicate his efforts to raise money for Jeff Hale.  This is a classic example of a great guy doing all he can to help out somebody who is also a great guy.

Rand has asked me to help in raising money for Jeff and I couldn't be more happy to help out.  We will be accepting anything you can possibly donate to help Jeff, his wife and their young son.  So, if you see me or Rand, please donate.

Despite the fact that the majority of the readers of this blog work in the most adversarial of positions, it has always been amazing to see how we all come together to help one of our brethren.  That becomes even more evident during this time of the year.

Both Rand and I will be around the courthouse all week, so just flag us down if you see us.

Thanks in Advance!

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