Friday, August 11, 2017

The Name is Coyne. Brian Coyne.

My friend and fellow defense attorney Brian Coyne is a smooth operator.

In addition to being one of the best trial lawyers I've seen try a case in the CJC, he's also a very sharp dresser.

His suits are custom tailored from Jos. A. Banks.  His sunglasses are the most expensive that the Sunglass Hut kiosk at Willowbrook Mall has to offer.  His shoes are ordered exclusively from Foot Locker's business attire section.  His briefcase was the most expensive item for sale in Washington D.C.'s Spy Museum gift shop.

Other than losing his umbrella from time to time, Brian pretty much has his stuff together.

Except today.

Today was a bad fashion day for Brian.


Nisha said...

So if he were to put his best foot forward..... Which would it be?

Jim said...

And I woulld guarantee you that if you asked, he would say he diid that on purpose !!!
Go Brian !!!

Anonymous said...

Got that beat. Went to court one day with shoes of the same color, BUT one was a loafer & the other a lace up. No one noticed until lunch.

The King's Garments said...

Hilarious Mr, Newman.

Mr. Coyne's wardrobe:
Suits from NM some are Brioni.
His Shoes usually made from Magnani exotic leathers. Ties & Shirts from Brioni & Fray.
The elegant glasses from Cartier, and his watches are his own hand selected timepieces to be inherited by his son Criminal defense Attorney Frank Morfin.

His personal shopper is his beloved wife Blanca Coyne.

The King's Garments said...

Always the right one!

The King's Garments said...

His adorable wife forgot to inspect him on his way out to the Courthouse