Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Brian Coyne Mastercard Commercial

Rose-tinted Sunglasses - $120
Fashionably Questionable Tie - $150
Ostrich Skin Briefcase - $900
Messing With Prosecutors - Funny
Forgetting Your Umbrella - Priceless


Anonymous said...

Great post. I guess you couldn't squeez "Rolex from "client" charged with Theft" in the list.

Unknown said...

Best thread on your blog in awhile.

Anonymous said...

Awesome. I'll ask him about his umbrella the next time he comes to my court.

Hawaii007 said...

Sunglasses are $1,200.00. Ties $185.00 Briefcase several $$$ Nasty little boys playing with Mr Coyne's umbrella, shame on you all :) !!! Show some respect for Mr COyne. Did I forget to tell you that His lovely wife dresses him ? Yes, she does, Lucky Man. Lets just say He is blessed ! Nickname ; No It's not GREEN for money. I'll keep this a little secret in the courthouse but I speak 12 languages. Can you guess who I'm ? I'll tell you more secrets about The Coyne Att. Lets just see how smart you are !!! :)CATCH ME :)