Monday, October 20, 2008

The 338th District Court Judicial Race

The 338th District Court Judicial Race has two candidates that I can actually say were still working as prosecutors back when I started at the Office. The Republican candidate is incumbent Judge Brock Thomas and the Democratic Candidate is former prosecutor (on both the State and Federal levels) Hazel Jones. (And, as a side note, I have to commend both candidates for having extremely well-done websites!).

Although I worked in the Office with both candidates, and was just a lowly Misdemeanor Three, they were both extremely nice and helpful to everyone in the entire Office. Hazel was much more quiet while Judge Thomas was more of a leader. They were both very kind to me as a young prosecutor,

Judge Thomas has presided over the 338th District Court since 2002, and in my opinion, has done an exemplary job. He has presided over tough, and at times, tedious cases (such as the Priscilla Slade trial) and he has done so efficiently and in a professional manner. Although I have not practiced in front of him, Judge Thomas is said to have held himself to an extremely high standard when he was a prosecutor and he holds the prosecutors in his court to the same high standard.

Although some cynical folks like to sarcastically refer to the Harris County District Attorney's Office as a "Judicial Finishing School", I've never heard any complaints from the Defense Bar about Judge Thomas being anything but professional, fair, and intelligent.

In addition to his duties in the 338th, Judge Thomas is also one of the four judges who presides over the STAR Court, helping people charged with crimes and suffering from drug addiction to confront and beat their addiction. It is an extra duty that he has also handled with professionalism, and more important, compassion.

In short, Judge Thomas is an excellent judge.

As I mentioned earlier, I have absolutely nothing negative to say about Hazel Jones. She is an impressive, intelligent, and kind attorney with a very stunning resume. She is a native Houstonian who cares very much about her community and has excelled in the legal community. She has been on both sides of counsel table - as an Assistant District Attorney and as an Assistant U.S. Attorney. She currently has her own defense practice.

I would vote for her in different circumstances, but in this case, I think that Judge Thomas has done too good of a job for too long to see him depart from his job.


Anonymous said...

Informative link (w/ videos):

Anonymous said...

It really bothers me that the US Attorney's Office didn't offer Hazel a job after her probationary period. She is the only person I have heard about that didn't get the offer after completing the probationary period. That should speak volumes. If she didn't have what it takes for the Feds to hire her, why does she have what it takes to be a judge. On another note, Brock is one of the best judges in the courthouse. He goes out of his way to be fair.

Anonymous said...

Judge Thomas has a kind heart who truly understands the pain that most addicts are going through. He sees to it that even drug addicts has the right to change and be acceptable to the society.

Anonymous said...

I miss Judge Thomas and wish he was never voted out I wish he could/would run again I would vote for him...Judge Jones... well I don't have much to say.