Sunday, October 26, 2008

The Chronicle's Judicial Endorsements

The Chronicle made its judicial endorsements in today's newspaper on the 9 races up for grabs in the CJC.

I disagree with them on their endorsement of Reuben Guerrero over Bill Moore for reasons I've stated here, but other than that, I was kind of amused to see that we agreed on eight of the nine races.

I'm glad to see that the Chronicle editorial board has some sense.

But on the other hand, I feel like I've totally lost my street cred.


Anonymous said...

The Editorial Board of the Houston Chronicle would break out in hives and collapse in convulsions on the floor as a collective group if they were ever to endorse a 20-year career prosecutor for public office.

The venom they have for employees of the Harris County District Attorney's Office is something to behold.

Anonymous said...

JAGJO writes:

Anon 10-27-08 7:04a -

It bites that they dogged Bill on the endorsement, even if their reasons are transparent.

I guess they do not ascribe to the saying " don't bite the hand that feeds you". The Chronicle has prostituted themselves to sensationalistic journalism akin to mag - rag tabloids.

In essence, and on the contrary, they should LOVE the HCDA's office for being the source and providing the endless material and fodder for their otherwise, stale predictable read.

I personally do not know and have never known, anyone that uses the Chronicle's endorsements as their sole voting guide.

What Harris County DOES need is a return to competitive journalism and bring back in another major market newspaper, like the defunct Houston Post. (sigh) ..the good ole' days!