Monday, October 6, 2008

Jolanda Jones' Survivor Challenge

City councilwoman, Defense Attorney, and part-time Super Hero Jolanda Jones, along with Houston Mayor Bill White (who after everything he's done through Hurricane Ike is a Super Hero in my book, too) are hosting the Houston Survivor Challenge on Saturday, October 25th.

The event is giving the opportunity to 20 local contestants to compete against real contestants from the TV show "Survivor" in "Survivor-esque" challenges designed to test your mental and physical talents. For those folks who don't quite have the guts to actual compete (which would probably describe me!), the event will give you a chance to cheer on your favorite contestants from the show.

For more details, CLICK HERE.

The deadline to apply is October 15th, 2008.


Anonymous said...

Didn't she get voted off first?

Anonymous said...

Yes because of her MOUTH!

Murray Newman said...

Alright, kids. It's an event for charity. Let's at least play nice on this particular post.