Wednesday, October 20, 2010

The End of the Harris County District Attorney's Office

Well, you know, I always said that I thought Pat Lykos would destroy the Harris County District Attorney's Office, but I was just using that as a figure of speech.

Apparently, however, according to the new business cards that the Assistant District Attorney's are getting, the institution that I once worked for is no longer in existence.

It has been replaced by The Office of Patricia R. Lykos, District Attorney.

So, what are the artists formerly known as Assistant District Attorneys now referred to as?

Assistant Pats?


Baby Snooks?

Little Jimmy and the Minions?

I'm so confused.

Oh, by the way, for all of you folks who staunchly defend Pat Lykos and say that the Office isn't just all about her and her ego.

I offer this as Pat's Exhibit 1.


Anonymous said...

Nice to see that the limited funds available are being put to good use getting these new cards out

I just threw up in my mouth a little.

Anonymous said...

LYKOS COUNTY, TEXAS....I'll be God Damned.

I hope Susie Wrong gets out for time served and sets up shop on the 6th floor door. Battered Trollette Syndrome is an absolute defense......

Just Sayin'

Anonymous said...

Isn't it all about her?

Anonymous said...

I think I'm going to have to stop reading this blog....the blood pressure spikes are just getting to be too much.

I cannot think of a person in this state that I dislike more than Pat Lykos right now.

BLACK INK said...


Pat Lykos,if nothing else, knows how to politic. Every card passed out by an ADA is now gratuitous advertising.

It is a politically savy move.
The impression put forth is that Patricia Lykos and the District Attorney's office are one and the same......and always have been.

Nothing could be further from the truth; but Lykos' strength is dependent on misinformation.

Chuck Rosenthal was not as bulletproof as he thought and neither is this imposter.

So fear not; the truth shall set you free......

Anonymous said...

Lykos' paid political advertisement, paid by the office, how nice. Maybe the ADA's and Investigators should just gracefully say thank you for the new cards, and not use them. Get some handy index cards,write your information down and hand those out or make your own business cards. Won't cost that much and wouldn't it be better than pushing Patsy cards.

Anonymous said...

Yes, but the same thing can be said about many other county office holders. However, call a Harris County Constable's Office and see if the phone isn't answer with, "Constable So-and-so's Office." At least our office still answers the phone with "District Attorney's Office."

I'm not defending her but just putting it out there.

Anonymous said...

She is a whore. She has always been a whore. She will always be a whore. Politically speaking of course.

Anonymous said...

I suspect that when more funds are available that the Lone Star of Texas will be removed from the office seal with an appropriate caricature of Lykos (cigarette in mouth and adult beverage in hand) and all loyal employees will be issued updated business cards.

Nightmare on Franklin said...

All Harris County Assistant District Attorneys,investigators, secretaries and other minions of her majesty shall henceforth be known as: Pat's know your place,stop whining and start passing out cards.

FYI: instead of a Christmas Party this year Team Lykos is hosting a Re-Elect Judge Pat for DA of Lykos County. The rally will be held December 25 and of course is mandatory for all employees and their families to the 3rd order of consanguinity. Smoking will be permitted and to save money it will be BYOB + a liter of Jack for Pat. The new push cards will have a photo of Judge Pat so make sure and pass out all of your temporary push cards before then. Pat's new theme song is, "If loving her is wrong, then I don't want to be right".

Anonymous said...

Because Chuck never appeared on TV to hype his office, or promote himself in the least. Right.

This is a relatively minor issue compared to what went on when Rosenthal was there.


Anonymous said...

"If loving Patsy is wrong, then I don't want to be right" will be included in all jury charges starting Monday morning.
Little man Leitner a/k/a Wee Man will be monitoring compliance.
Have a nice day and pass out your cards--your jobs depend on it.

Anonymous said...

In our opinion Rage is, without any tredidation in our thoughts, a protypical Neanderthal. It's time, therefore, for it to retire to its cave, learn some manners, acquire some intellect, and possibily at some uncertain time in the far future become a contributing member of society. Unfortunately, until that time, we will continue to be subjected, however, to its vicious and infantile ad hominem attacks as well as its contrived expressions of opinions, all the while it wades in its cavernous muck of its self created excrement.

Anonymous said...

I think Baby Snooks is a good one. They can "smoosh smoosh" with the real Snookie! LMAO!

Lykos just get's more ridiculous everyday. I'm with postings 1-4:
-Wings coming back up aren't cool
-I'm going to have to move to Brazoria County
-It appears we lost the DA's office

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know who were the 3 finalists for HC Public Defender ?

Anonymous said...

If an elected official can't have their name on shirts or vehicles paid with government funds, how can they put them on business cards?

Anonymous said...

Every time Patsy pulls a Patsy you seem so surprised and upset. Anyone who knows or has worked with this woman in the past fully understands her behavior.

The 6 Prong Patsy Principle (6PPP):
1.Ethics is for suckers.
2.Snookering the hard core Republican base is her sole job thus the nickname, Snookems.
3.She has a pathological need for attention. If she could think of a way to rename the CJC the Lykos Tower she would.
4.The purpose of people is to serve her needs exclusively.
5.Throwing people under the bus is her expertise. Chuck was a novice in comparison.
6. Intentional misrepresentation is the way to compensate for lack of ability.

So unless Patsy deviates from the 6PPP, chill.

Anonymous said...

Lykos picture on the cards is next. Or she's going to have us wearing the shirts with her name on them like she's done with central records. Mandatory to wear them in central records. The office even paid for them.

Anonymous said...

In our opinion Rage is...

I'll just chalk that one up as a win.


Anonymous said...

Responding to Rage's comments is the equivalent of trying to reason with an Al-Qaeda terrorist. You're wasting your time.

Anonymous said...

I noticed the card doesn't even identify what County, I mean, Kingdom, she's the head of...

I'd love to know how a shrink would classify her in the DSM.

Anonymous said...

Borderline Personality Disorder.
It's basically the same as anti social personality disorder without the violence. So more women get the BPD diagnosis than the sociopathic diagnosis.

Anonymous said...

So anon 8:03,besides the gross disparity in physical appearances we now have a clinical differentiation between Susan Wright and Pat Lykos. Who knew?

Murray, how's your old case coming along on re-punishment? I haven't seen any of the old players on the news. Gig 'em when you can old buddy.

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