Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Have You Early Voted Yet? Loren Jackson needs your help.

Normally, when I send out my reminders on this blog it is because of dismal early voting numbers. From the totals that I've seen so far this go-round, it doesn't appear that you guys need too much encouragement to get out the vote.

The number of early voters has been excellent.

Most folks that I've talked to seem to agree that the conventional wisdom is for a Republican Sweep this year. For the most part, I'd be pretty happy about that.

But as in every election there are several "babies" that we don't want thrown out with the bathwater.

Please please please remember to take your time through the ballot and make sure to vote for Loren Jackson for District Clerk. I don't care if you are so Republican that you make Dick Cheney look like Nancy Pelosi -- Loren has created a model District Clerk's Office that needs his leadership in the years to come.

Please vote for Loren, and remind your friends and family to vote for him too. Even if one of your friends or family members is, in fact, Dick Cheney.


Anonymous said...

I believe it was channel 2 on Monday talking about this subject and reported on "coffee with the candidates" where they showed what Lauren Jackson had to say and what Daniels also had to say. Daniels said something to the effect that he is going to computerize the office and bring it in to the digital era..........oh brother

Anonymous said...

I am voting for Chris Daniels. Why, you ask? Harris County needs more diversity. We have anglos, African American, Hispanic and Asian officials that basically run this county. We need an infusion of short-bus blood. Short-bus riders are underrepresented in this county, and it's time that someone stood up for us. I didn't spend all those years eating glue and pissing in my pants just so some smart guy could be District Clerk. I don't know about you, but I think diversity is only as good as how you define it. With only one current short-bus rider in elected office (Lie cuss), we are sorely underrepresented. Vote Chris Daniels for District Clerk!

Anonymous said...

I voted for Jackson, but from what I saw I think it's a lost cause. Almost all of the voters spent a few seconds in the voting booth. It seemed like everyone was voting a straight ticket. I think it will be all or nothing for each party on election night.

Anonymous said...

My husband and I are both attorneys and we generally vote for more Republicans than Democrats. But we are so impressed with what Mr. Jackson has done with his office that we will vote for him for anything! If a guy like him can do better work with less money there, he can do it anywhere. Loren, if you're reading and you lose this election, you should run for something else. You've already proven you can do a bang-up job as an elected official. You've got our vote now and forever!