Friday, September 16, 2011

David Hilburn runs for Brazos County District Attorney

Last week, longtime Brazos County District Attorney (and a guy I think the absolute world of) Bill Turner announced that he wasn't going to be seeking re-election in 2012.  (NOTE:  I'll do another piece on Bill as we get closer to his retirement.)

This becomes relevant to Harris County prosecutors as former-Harris County Prosecutor, former-Brazos County Prosecutor, defense attorney, and all-around good-guy, David Hilburn has announced that he is running for the position.

For those of you who are too young with the Office to remember, Dave was an immensely popular and highly regarded prosecutor while in both Harris County and Brazos County.  Dave still has a lot of friends in Harris County, so I'll keep you posted as the election season progresses.  

He would make a great District Attorney.


Anonymous said...

How in the hell did the DA's office lose the Brown case? Are there any competent prosecutors left? Here's an excellent article on Stealth's page:

Anonymous said...

Three thoughts:

1) Super lame to post an anonymous link to YOUR OWN blog, Stealth.

2) Jane Waters is one of the best all-around prosecutors in the office and you're - well I don't know what you are - perhaps stupid, misinformed, just seeking attention?

3) Easy to insult Jane anonymously - bet you wouldn't do it to her face. But, if you decide to, be sure and let us know so we can watch her kick you ass.

Bert Graham said...

Harris County is lucky to have Jane Waters as a prosecutor\trial lawyer. Hind sight is easy. She could have easily ducked the non whale trial by assigning it to a subordinate but had the fortitude and sense of duty to try it herself. I'll take Jane as my trial lawyer any day and she'll emerge victorious most of the time. Bert Graham

BLACK INK said...

Three thoughts:

1. Unfounded assumptions are just that....I'm sure Murray can check IP #'s to confirm your inaccuracy.

2. Actions speak for themselves.

3. You have been very sheltered if my commentary rises to the level of outrage you profess with respect to Jane Waters......maybe you should reflect back on some of the former Harris County ADAs who actually were subjected to the level of annonymous outrage you now complain of so late in the game.

Anonymous said...

Cool! You mean I can post whatever my thoughts happen to be on here and Stealth gets blamed for it?

Anonymous said...

I was wondering when a "real prosecutor" will occupy the Office of Harris County District Attorney?

ROTFLMAO said...

Anon 6:33,

Not anytime soon. The Whale philosophy extends way past going to trial at the Harris County District Attorney's office. So don't wonder whether or not any Harris County ADA has the courage to either file in the DA race or openly support a qualified candidate who does--that is unless the sitting biotch loses in the Republican primary and then they will pretend to stand up as they cheer their new leader--but not before it's a risk-free move.

Anonymous said...

Isn't it nice how Brian Wice gets his own op piece on his own trial in the Chronicle, and the newspaper doesn't even make an attempt to allow the prosecutor to tell his side of the story?

Wice conveniently leaves out the fact that Dick DeGuerin praddled on endlessly about inadmissible evidence concerning the complainant in the case. Rather convenient loss of memory Mr. Wice.

Anonymous said...

It's easy to say you went too far AFTER Nathan has been dragged through the mud and painted as unethical in the media. Unfortunately, Chron readers didn't get to hear negative things that the defense said to the jury after the trial before Nathan made any comments that the defense objected to.