Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Reasonable Doubt (3/29/12)

Please join me and host Todd Dupont on Thursday, March 29, 2012 for Reasonable Doubt, where our guest will be Democratic candidate for District Attorney, Lloyd Oliver.  Yes, Lloyd Oliver.  Lloyd is currently challenging Zack Fertitta for the Democratic nomination.

Not many folks know about Lloyd's platform, policies or ideas, and all polite questions will be welcome.

As always, you can tune in to watch it live streaming at 8:00 p.m. by clicking here.


Anonymous said...

My first questions for Lloyd are:

1. Tell us again how many times have you been handcuffed and arrested?

2. If you are elected, which of your cases runners are you going to hire as your First Ass't?

Murray Newman said...

Politeness on the show!!!! Seriously!

Anonymous said...

Is he related to former British Prime Minister LLOYD George, OLIVER Wendell Holmes, or LLOYDS of London? Surely by now he knows the dyslexic voter name hope thing is dead.

Anonymous said...

There is an old Indian saying.Do Not judge a man til you have walked in their shoes.Lloyd Oliver had a hard time growing up.He basically raised himself and against all odds became a lawyer.With everything that has happened at 1201 it might be wise to remember about people who live in glass houses. These things in Lloyds past may not justify some of his behavior ,but explain it.Murray is right,show the man some respect.You may need it yourself some day.

Day 57 said...

"We are eager to show the public all the evidence in this case." - Patricia R. Lykos (2/1/12)

"The Harris County District Attorney’s Office has long been eager to share what we know with the public. Now that the grand jury’s proceedings have ended, we will be responding—vigorously.

In the days to come, our website——will feature a new section devoted to setting the record straight." (source:

Ms Lykos:

Long time, no talk. We apologize; our schedule has been busy. We notice your schedule is picking up as well. Big get together tonight, followed by several "meet and greets." on Saturday. We look forward to seeing you out.

Speaking of meet & greet, we would really like to meet this evidence and give it a proper Tea Party greeting. Perhaps you could pass it out this weekend like a party favor.

Excellent visit, thanks for lending an ear. While your out, put away the SAS shoes & throw on some pumps. An inch heel makes all the difference.


- the public

Anonymous said...

I want to head up the division in charge of teaching battered women to box better, Oliver for DA!

Anonymous said...

Sadly, Lloyd would still be better than Lykos.

Scott C. Pope said...

I really do think that Pat Lykos agreed not to prosecute Lloyd Oliver if he would run for DA.

Anonymous said...

Who polices prosecutors? Apparently, grand juries, the FBI and The Texas Rangers. Just ask the current administration.

Anonymous said...

My question would be why would you ask the new administration anything about integrity? If a grand jury looks into the current administration, they condone the use of the 5th amendment to prevent the grand jury from finding out the truth. They investigate the investigators. And then they rename an exiting part of the office and claim they started the division. Just when I thought Lietner could not sink any further, he makes the speech reported in the Chronicle. Just disgusting.