Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Experiencing Technical Difficulties

Many of you have been asking when the Reasonable Doubt video of Lloyd Oliver is coming out.

We are working on it.  My technical guy, Franklin Bynum, who shall remain nameless, is behind in getting it downloaded.  He promises to have it up and running by this afternoon.

You will definitely want to catch this episode as Lloyd handles the tough questions such as:

1.  Reasonable ways of dealing with domestic violence cases
2.  His history as a prosecutor
3.  His run-ins with the law
4.  His views on the Public Defender's Office
5.  His ideas for effective CLE classes for prosecutors

It was definitely an episode that will be remembered for a long, long time.


Franklin Bynum said...

Alas, last night I faced an agonizing choice between going to a lovely dinner or rushing home to get this uploaded.


Anonymous said...

Has the inside of Murray's mouth healed up from all the biting he did on his tongue and cheek to hold a straight face during the show?

How about the campaign stickers and T-shirts he had there, are they now proudly displayed on your vehicles? Have you worn out the shirt yet?

Anonymous said...

GOOOOONNNNNNG!! Loud cymbals. A truly unforgetable show!

Anonymous said...

"Can we have a question that doesn't involve accusing someone of murder?" TV gold!

Dr. Peter Venkman said...

Ray's gone bye-bye, Egon....what've you got?

Anonymous said...

Please show the video at the Wednesday Appellate Update tommorrow at 12 pm in the jury assembly room. Lloyd needs to tell more about his "family." How many children does he have? Who are they? Who are the mothers? Did Lloyd contribute to their support? Who raised them? This is about family values too. Isn't it?