Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Rachel Palmer's Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center

For those of you who keep up with the comments section of my posts, you may have noticed yesterday that someone brought up the fact that Assistant District Attorney Rachel Palmer had filed a DBA (Doing Business As) notice with the Harris County Clerk's Office sometime in January.  Now, keeping in mind that Rachel has a full-time job, it seems a little bit strange that she would be starting up her own business.

What is even more bizarre is the title of the business.

She apparently filed as "Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center."

Um, okay.

Most of you know that Rachel's beloved husband, Don Hooper, started a knock-off version of my blog a few months ago.  I'm not going to link to it, because it is grossly inaccurate to the point of being libelous and the spelling and grammar is mind-numbingly bad.  Seriously, I was going to sign him up for a Hooked on Phonics class as a peace offering.  That being said,  I have found that the best way to deal with an idiot is to ignore him.

Hooper had been making noises about "taking Murray's blog" for awhile.  I guess that he and Rachel decided to make it all official by getting the DBA.  I don't know what exactly their goal was.  Maybe Rachel just wanted to see if exercising her 1st Amendment Right felt as good as exercising her 5th?

Mark Bennett did a post this morning with his thoughts on Rachel's entrepreneurship.  Who knows what Rachel and Don are up to?

I sincerely doubt that Rachel is attempting to take credit for my blog.  We aren't exactly best friends, in case you haven't noticed.  She probably wouldn't want to explain to Pat Lykos why she would be so desperately trying to affiliate herself with a blog that is so critical of the Lykos' Administration.

More likely, she was just trying to pave the way for Don to create his knock-off blog.

What is interesting, however, is that Don's blog bashes not only me, but Rachel's fellow prosecutors and several sitting judges, as well.  It bashes them harshly.  It is my understanding that some of the half-assed attempts by the Upper-Administration of the D.A.'s Office to get Don to tone it down have been rebuffed by him.  He doesn't work for Pat Lykos, after all.

But the new business entity of "Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center" doesn't have Don Hooper's name on it.

It has the name of Harris County Assistant District Attorney Rachel Ann Palmer.

The Lykos Administration has been very clear that they don't like it when their prosecutors talk on blogs.  When Scott Pope was a prosecutor, he left a relatively innocent comment on Mark Bennett's blog that said nothing bad about the Administration.  He was called to the 6th Floor and admonished for daring to sign his name.  A few months ago, a prosecutor was disciplined for defending himself against a defense attorney's public criticisms on the Chronicle.  Even David Benzion was apparently told to stifle his comments on my blog after he posted something here a while back.

Yet here we have prosecutor Rachel Palmer affiliating herself with Life at the Harris County Criminal Justice Center in writing -- bashing judges and prosecutors with impunity.

Doesn't it seem like there is something wrong with this picture?


Anonymous said...

You know, it looks like she may have filed a false affidavit--that form requires you to certify that you are the owner of that business and nobody else is.


Anonymous said...

Quit bashing Rachel. I love her.

I too filed some DBA's today.

dba The Harris County District Attorney's office
dba Defending People
dba Scott Pope for President

Doesn't mean crap. She may think she can try to sue you for some sort of cybersquatting but that won't fly either.

Doesn't the operations manual say you can't act as a lawyer outside of the DAs office? (no moon lighting)

Anonymous said...

Rage - please share.

Anonymous said...

Share what? Look up the form on the county clerk's website. She what she had to sign. I couldn't find the form itself though. Be interesting to see if it's her signature or someone else's.


Anonymous said...

This is all that is on the clerk's site:

1400 MCKINNEY #1306
1400 MCKINNEY #1306

20120109 10 1 241850428

Just Sayin' said...

Rage d/b/a "Micropenile Encephalopathy" was filed at the district clerk's office this morning and lists Poe Elementary at the primary business address.

What's up with that?

Just Sayin'

Anonymous said...

Per office policy 2.51: "All employees should recognize that their primary work duty and responsibility is to the Office of the District Attorney. No employment should be permitted to infringe on this obligation. Any request to begin outside employment should be submitted on the form that follows (Request for Approval of Outside Employment). It should be submitted through the employee's supervisors to the First Assistant."

So Jim, did you approve this? If not, what do you I tend to do about it. Rumor is you spoke to Lana about her blatant violation if office policy and did nothing. What are you going to do with this one? Promote Rachel to Bureau Chief. (Benizon can you please pass this along to Jim. Thanks!)

Mark Bennett said...

I was seriously going to file a DBA for "Office of the District Attorney," but then I read the form and decided that while Ms. Palmer might be politically connected enough to avoid prosecution for tampering with a government record, I am probably not.

Anonymous said...

I hope Womble is reading this, since he is connected in the movie biz, I'm sure this deal playing out in the DA's office can be the next Tarentino movie...you simply cannot make this shit up.....

Anonymous said...

I was wondering when Rachel Palmer will be assigned to the guard house on the north end of the Washburn Tunnel?

Shirley cornelius said...

Mark, you forget. Bill moore is the division chief of public integrity where that investigation would come out of. You'd be safe.

Anonymous said...

Don/Rachel - filing a DBA doesn't give you legal right to a web domain. Apples and Oranges. Morons.

Ron Pooper said...


I'd be beyond pissed if I were you. Now, a reasonable person who accidentally goes to Don's version of "Life..." might mistake HIS lack of English grammar and basic sentence structure for yours.

d/b/a Don Hooper said...


Im' going two kick you're ass in the head to head to head competition be-tween my blog and yours'. Get ready too eggsperience be-ing lamb-basted on a daily bases. When the Honorroll Judge Patricia Lykos wins the what-cha-ma-call it thing in May, you will sea the power of the written word on full display.

Hon Dooper said...


I don't need to pay no stinkin child support. After all, if you were my kid, would you want your friends to know it?

Anonymous said...

My god this has sunk to an incredibly depressing and embarrassing level.

Anonymous said...

Umm, who gives a shit? Filing a dba means nothing.

May 29th can't get here fast enough.

Anonymous said...

Bless her heart. Somebody needs to show her how to get a UPS box for public records. Maybe she can ask her dear friend Lana who was at least smart enough to base her campaign out of the UPS store on Memorial and Westcott.

Oh, and someone should explain the concept of domain names as well, poor dear.

Anonymous said...

I needed a good laugh, thanks for that one.

And whoever is that high quality DBA, of course you can fire people for constitutional stuff. You can't scream obscenities. You have to wear pants. You can't pass out Bibles. Not because it's not allowed by the constitution but it's not allowed by WORK.

Anonymous said...

If there was ever an argument to be made that America's public schools are failing, one needs only to direct an English teacher to Don Hooper's version of "Life...". I am the person he refers to as "Kim Jessup" on his site. However, I am not Kim Jessup. All I asked him was: if his wife was as ugly in person as she is on televions, why he doesn't have lawyers review his grammar along with his DBA filings, and if he plans on supporting the children that he and RP (vomit) may have some day in the future. I guess that's no more repugnant than attacking a judicial candidate's KIDS! If Don wants to have an intellectual debate about complex issues in the criminal justice system, well, never mind.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:55

good question about Don supporting future children with RP. Every time I read his rants about pro-life I want to scream - this from a man who doesn't support his 2 children from his first marraige or his child conceived out of wedlock. Apparently he's much more concerned about the unborn than his personal responsiblity for his 3 living children. Can you say HYPOCRACY at it's worst...

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:55

Great question to Don about supporting possible children with RP. Every time he starts a rant about other people's supposed bad behavior and pro-life tests for candidates I want to scream "Hypocrite"! What kind of man fights endless court battles to deny child support to his 2 children from his first marraige and his 1 child from a previous relationship but calls out others for not meeting his moral "standards" - oh sorry - forgot who we were talking about for a minute.