Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Robert Eckels' Everlasting Love/Everlasting Hate

I had an e-mail forwarded to me today by several readers expressing shock and concern (and in some cases, outrage) over the endorsement of Pat Lykos by former County Judge Robert Eckels.

I appreciate the notice of Eckels' endorsement e-mail, but I was kind of surprised that my readers are surprised at his endorsement.

Eckels, after all, is the same guy who kept Lykos employed after her failed bid for Attorney General in 1994.  Nobody to this day is sure exactly what Lykos was doing for Eckels, other than drawing a steady paycheck.

He also bankrolled her campaign in 2008, as I pointed out in this blog post way back when.  The article that I linked to back then was one by then-Houston Chronicle columnist Alan Bernstein.  He reported that  Eckels had handed Lykos a very large chunk of change so that she could publish some very misleading campaign literature that created the impression that she had the official endorsement of the Harris County Republican Party.

Eckels has proven that his affection for Lykos runs deep.

What also runs deep, apparently, is his hatred.

Students of Harris County Courthouse History may remember that back in the Johnny Holmes era, Mr. Eckels' father was prosecuted by Mr. Holmes.  Those of us who have ever prosecuted a case will be the first to tell you that we don't really earn a big fan following from a Defendant's family.  Eckels' disdain for the Holmes Administration (and anyone he seems to consider to be formerly tied to the Holmes Administration) is par for the course in the Criminal Justice Business.

It is understandable that he would sympathize with Pat Lykos for being investigated by two Grand Juries and now the Texas Rangers.

But as Lykos takes his endorsement (and doubtlessly, his campaign donations), you should take what he has to say with a shaker grain of salt.  It has as many lies and misrepresentations in it as the mailer he financed (and denied) back in 2008.

Robert Eckels' endorsement pretty much exemplifies the origins of the phrase "consider the source."


Anonymous said...

I was one of the people who forwarded it to you. My surprise came primarily from the fact that it was guised as a reminder to vote in the HBA bench polls. I've been an attorney for 13 years and I've never gotten such a "reminder to vote" email that also told me who I should vote for. I think it came through the HBA mailing system. The fact that he endorsed her wasn't all surprising, but the fact that it came looking like it was part of an HBA reminder did.

BLACK INK said...


Alan Bernstein's article is chilling; makes 2008 seem like yesterday.

Kelly Siegler made Special Crimes SPECIAL and would have been a world class DA for Harris County.

JUSTICE meant something back then; in spite of Chuck Rosenthal.

After the fateful run-off of 2008, political panderers replaced Rock Star prosecutors.

What a perfect storm that ushered in Pat Lykos to a position she knew nothing about....then or now.

As for Jim Leitner, he is no more absolved for his sins by retreating in the face of defeat than is a killer who murders his parents and then pleads for mercy as an orphan.

Jim Leitner will burn with the unforgiving sitting next to Chuck Rosenthal.....their tormented selfish souls never appreciating the level of human suffering they personally caused.

A very dear friend once told me that the adversity of a political campaign does not give you character.....it reveals it.
She sure was right.

Anonymous said...

Jim Leitner served his country in the military. How can people be critical of a man like that. Any of the bloggers serve? Most went from college to law school and then got on county tit.Show this veteran a little respect.

Anonymous said...

Oh God, Black Ink is waxing pathetic again.

11:15, trust me, service means nothing tot he people around here.


Anonymous said...

What branch of military did you serve in? Nothing pathetic about serving your country. BI fan

A Harris County Lawyer said...

Anon 11:15 a.m.,

I didn't serve in the military, but am the proud son of a U.S. Marine who did three tours of duty in Vietnam and the grandson of a bomber pilot in the Pacific Arena of World War II. Veterans have my undying respect, gratitude and admiration for taking part in the defense of our Country, when I never did.

No one is mocking Jim because he is a veteran of the Coast Guard, but that doesn't give him a hall pass from the criticism he has earned in his time since leaving. His actions as First Assistant under Pat Lykos have ranged from dishonesty to bullying. Those are certainly not the traits of a member of the military, nor are they something that get to be swept under the rug just because he once served.

Trust me, I used to like AND respect Jim Leitner. Not just because of his military service, but because of the attorney he used to be. His own individual behavior earned the contempt that I have for him now.

Just Sayin' said...


It is far worse feigning military service than criticizing someone for not serving. You are guilty, sir, on both counts.

UT Austin is not VMI and cub scouts don't count either.

Just Sayin'

Anonymous said...

Did any of the people running for district attorney serve in military except Mr. Oliver?

Anonymous said...

7:39 .... Not the first time HBA employees have abused the rules of the elected board members for their 'favorites" gain.

Been there

Anonymous said...

Lee Harvey Oswald was a veteran....

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:16,

Whoa, Lee Harvey Oswald and Jimmy Leitner might have a lot in common and although neither served in active combat Oswald's tour with the Marines is more impressive than Leitner puhing papers for the Coast Guard.
--Advantage Oswald.
Rage is not even an unremarkable Leitner/Oswald "veteran".
--Match point

Anonymous said...

Wow, a military service d**k size contest.

Anonymous said...

Yep a vet that fired vets

Not Rage said...

Anon 9:15,

Service studs don't talk about it they just do it.

Not Rage

Anonymous said...

Wasn't pulling it out to measure (although I guess you could say it is 120 mm), just making a point. If your opinion matches with the tards on here, they thank you for your service. If it doesn't, they refuse to believe you served. They are true George Bush-style patriots--agree with me or you're un-American, un-Christian, and un-trustworthy.


Anonymous said...

Also--not sure where the UT Austin thing came from. Even the person Murray thinks I am didn't go there.


Anonymous said...

Who is Joe the Investigator going to endorse?

A Harris County Lawyer said...

Wait, Rage, are you really trying to deny that you are Earl Campbell?

Vince Young said...

I am absolutely not Earl Campbell.

Even if Seaton is trying to buy my sausage.


Anonymous said...


If TAMU had "Earl the Pearl" they might have amounted to something.

Rage never attended VMI and the 3 of us know that. The real question is twofold: 1st why the pretense and 2nd if a wanna be service academy groupie is that hung up why not pretend to be a graduate of the USMA or the USNA?

Besides, TU is still 1st tier and has an ROTC program so Rage still could have uniformed up.

Anonymous said...

BTW, is it just me or has anyone else noticed that Rage sure has a penis complex.....wonder what it means when a guy is constantly talking about penises?

Anonymous said...

I'd still pay good money to see a Seaton-Rage bare knucks match, last man standing. Big dollars I would pay for that...

Anonymous said...

"Anonymous said...
Jim Leitner served his country in the military. How can people be critical of a man like that. Any of the bloggers serve? Most went from college to law school and then got on county tit.Show this veteran a little respect.

April 11, 2012 11:15 AM"

I served my country in the military and have no bones about pointing out the right to criticize is a major part of our rights as free citizens. If you don't understand what I fought for in that sense, so be it but all of us are subject to scrutiny.

Jimbo, like the rest of the world, has to earn respect. To date, he has not done so since pre-2008 when he sold his soul to the devil. Just because Murray points out that Lykos' winning was largely due to a political hack's support, her having failed numerous elections based on merit, does not mean he isn't entitled to exercise those same rights.

It is truly sad when the Hooper's, Woodfill's, Eckel's, Polland's and other hacks are given free reign to marginalize the rest of the population. None of them are worth a spit and all should be ashamed of themselves.

Mark W. Stephens said...

Wow. Did I miss something? What does Leitner's military service have to do with his abysmal performance as First Assistant???

Anonymous said...

According to your mom 5:22, it's worth talking about.

Also, you forgot to thank me for my service.