Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Thursday Fundraiser for Joe Vinas

This Thursday, April 26th at 5:00 p.m., Todd Dupont is hosting a fundraiser for 174th District Court Candidate Joe Vinas at the Char Bar, located at 305 Travis, Houston, Texas 77002.

Everyone is welcome and we hope to have a good turnout for a great candidate.


Anonymous said...

Joe Vinas is a great guy,but I thought Guerrerro was popular with the defense lawyers.

Anonymous said...

People need to realize, in the cases of the 174th, 177th, 179th and 337th, these are contested primary races. Right now, and until after the May 29th primary, it is not about anyone against an incumbent or how popular the incumbent might be. Right now it is about making sure the best candidate makes it past the primary. So, don't look at it as Joe v. Guerrero. It is Joe v. Summerlin and he needs your help.

Anonymous said...

Did Don write this crap? This comes from Summerlin's website. Notice the run-on sentences and the illogical sentence structure. Looks like Don to me!

"Robert is the Founder of the Summerlin Law Firm, PLLC that specializes in Criminal Defense where he has been the attorney of record in criminal cases and civil cases throughout the State of Texas. He had the privilege of working as a Harris County Assistant District Attorney from 1999 through 2003 where he had the opportunity to learn the Harris County justice system from the bottom up as he advanced through the Harris County District Attorney’s office, misdemeanor and felony courts."

Anonymous said...

The 177th and 337th races will be fine. It is the 174th and 179th races people should be worried about, along with the DA race of course. It is understandable why some can not openly give in the DA race but no reason people can not help out Joe AND Kristin. They are in hard fought primary battles with people willing to SPEND. Joe and Kristin need to be able to SPEND with them. Otherwise you are going to have a guy on the 174th who will have the worse black robe disease you can imagine and on the 179th a women who tries to get a PCS case indicted even though the lab comes back no controlled substance. So, help these people out. If you can't go to Joe's party I am sure you can contribute at the link Murray provided. You can help Kristin on her website: kristinguiney.com . Making sure we have the right candidates on the ballot for November, from Mike to all the judge candidates you KNOW should be there, might actually go a long way in removing the grip that the likes of Polland and Woodfill and Hooper and the like have. The primary is just a little over a month away.