Thursday, August 2, 2012

A Fundraiser for Maddie

Although I try not to post stuff on this blog that doesn't deal with the Criminal Justice World, sometimes there are causes that come up that remind us that there are many more important things out there.  This week I was notified by regular reader Sue about a fundraiser this weekend for a young girl named Madison Gamble, who is suffering from a rare malignant form of cancer known as Epithelioid Sarcoma.

This weekend, Applied Safety Products, Inc. will be hosting a BBQ fundraiser for Maddy and her family to help offset the costs associated with her treatment.

If you can't attend, I hope that you will contact one of the names above.  Hopefully someone with a little more information about the fundraiser will post a mailing address where we can send a check.

Please give generously to this great cause.


Anonymous said...

Thank You Mr. Newman


Anonymous said...

You can make donations at any Community Bank of Texas or send donations directly to :
Applied Safety Products
2014 Massey Tompkins
Baytown, Texas 77521

The account name:
Benefit for Madison Gamble

Thank you
Sue Hudson

Anonymous said...

Everyone get on this. Sounds like a great cause! You can afford it. -nph