Sunday, August 19, 2012

Chris Daniel's Editorial

A few weeks ago, Harris County District Clerk Chris Daniel wrote an extremely informative and interesting article on the make up of Harris County juries.  I meant to do a post on it when it first came out, but I got a little side-tracked, unfortunately.

Mr. Daniel has clearly done his homework and pointed out a good starting place to help Harris County to build more diverse juries in the days to come.

You can read the article by clicking here.


Former ADA said...

I once voir dired a jury with 1/3 concealed handgun licences, which should be less than 2% of the population, because they're the kind of people who pay their child support and show up to jury duty.

Captain Obvious's solution of throwing money at public service announcements is beyond stupid. Everybody knows there are no consequences to skipping jury duty in Harris County. So, why go?

I had a friend in another state who got a phone call from a sheriff on his publicly available work number when he skipped jury duty. I bet a few calls or a doortag notice or a knock would change a LOT of people's behavior. But we all know Harris County would rather throw money at idiotic things like press reps and public service announcements.

Anonymous said...

1:24, You'd rather throw money at having LEOs who should be fighting crime knock on the doors of people who skip jury duty?

That doesn't make sense on a lot of levels, and those are probably mostly canadians anyway, right?


Former ADA said...

I don't think this is a real problem, but if it is, ad time is not the solution.

And yes, phone calls are cheaper and better than public service announcements. Heck, even threatening post cards. In other states (and for federal summons!!!) they do care if you skip jury duty, and they do follow up. Hey, Captain Obvious, maybe just issue warrants for those racially motivated jury dodgers and make some cash?

Franklin Bynum said...

The commenters are out in full force on this one, which really is in their white-supremacist wheelhouse. For example: "The other explanation may be that 'whites' tend to obey the laws and others don't."

Anonymous said...

Informative as the article may be, Chris Daniel is still a creeper.